Certain Types Of Crimes Are On The Rise

by Allen Spears – Chief Engineer

Rugged CCTV

Rug img1 - Certain Types of Crime Are On The RiseCertain types of crimes against persons and property are becoming more commonplace as the economy weathers the recession. While it is true that violent crimes seem to be decreasing in some areas, property crimes and business thefts are building in intensity. Our customers are saying that they are getting hit more often than in the past,  and in novel ways. Here at Rugged CCTV, we are seeing evidence of this every day. More and more people and businesses are calling to obtain a Security Camera System to protect their business, family and property. Break-ins and smash and grab type of thefts are what we are hearing more and more of  – and often in areas that were not prone to this type of activity in the past.

In the past, we would get no more than 3 or 4 calls a day such as this. However, in 2009, and continuing into this year, we have seen a continuing escalation every month, to now more than 20 calls a day with people reporting break-ins, robberies, home invasions, and in some cases – shootings. It’s gotten quite scary.

It seems that the “Perfect Storm” for increased crimes of all types has been brewing. The recession has caused more people to lose their jobs and businesses.  At the same time, States are quickly running out of money to pay unemployment benefits, especially for extended periods.  Companies and even neighborhood associations have been forced to curtail security spending such as patrols and guards. Then, when you add in the fact that police departments have been forced to cut officers to bare minimum levels, thieves know that their chances of being caught have just went way down. Thus, your property and personal safety is now more vulnerable than ever before.

As bad as it is, things could get even worse if we have a really bad hurricane season this year, or there is another event such as a pandeRug img2 - Certain Types of Crime Are On The Risemic of some kind, there may be shortages of critical food, water and other supplies. This could lead to unrest, martial law or other events, and the need to protect your family and your property will be more important than ever before. In fact, if any of these scenarios, or other disasters play out even to a lesser degree, it will be imperative that you have a Security Camera System that will allow you to not only view incidents after the fact, but to see Live views of whoever might be approaching your home or business in real time.

Rug img3 - Certain Types of Crime Are On The RiseSecurity cameras and Digital Surveillance Systems may be in short supply as the demand increases in times of emergencies, (just as generators and fresh water are during hurricanes and other types of events), so the time to invest in protection is now. However, be careful when purchasing a security camera system so that you get your money’s worth. Look for commercial or industrial quality components (not consumer grade), so that the system will operate trouble-free for the long term, and is top quality.

Rugged CCTV has been manufacturing quality Security Camera Systems for businesses and property for more than 17 years, and has outfitted tens of thousands of  customers with the very best equipment at the lowest prices. More importantly, we have always provided a Two-Year Warranty or better, on all of our equipment, and also throw in Free Unlimited Tech Support for Life. No other manufacturer or retailer can match that type of service and dependability.

Our equipment is easy to understand and operate, and we have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the Industry. We do what it takes to make Rug Img4 - Certain Types of Crime Are On The Risesure that our customers are happy with their system, and that we answer the phone with a real live person that can help guide you through the process of installing and operating your business surveillance and security system.

Getting the very best equipment and service should not be more expensive!  Call us today to help configure a business security camera system that not only matches your needs and concerns, but is backed by a service-oriented company that has the expertise and longevity to stand with you through thick and thin.

Rugged CCTV can be reached Toll-Free at 1-866-301-2288.

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