Hands down, the number one mistake most operators make is buying a security camera system from a discount warehouse, Internet retailer or overseas manufacturer. You will find that these systems are not intuitive to use and are hard to navigate. The manuals are not readable or understandable, and the available resolutions that you can record at, are very limited.

My experience has been that the system usually produces a good picture and will probably operate fine, but when it comes time to put it on the Internet for remote access, or to get footage off of it to give to the police, there will not be any assistance or technical support available. Now you have a system that is only usable as an observation system to watch the live camera views, but anything else is problematic. We have operators that call us with this complaint every day.

Getting your system set up for viewing and controlling it over the Internet is probably the single toughest task you will undertake with your camera system. We decided many years ago that we needed a dedicated tech person just to help owners with this single issue. This person has manuals for every type of Internet Modem and Network Router that you may have. This process usually requires the cooperation of your Internet provider as well. It is not an easy task, and it requires professional knowledge and training to get it done.

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