When you begin your search for a business security camera system, Rugged Cams, wants you to know some of the qualities you should be looking for in a high quality security camera system.

One of the first choices you should look for is the ability of the Company you are purchasing the system from, to stand behind their system, with Tech Support, Warranties, etc. This is so important, you don’t want to walk out the door and be all on your own, this could be a very painful and costly decision.

Another choice you will want to investigate, is the latest technology available. Megapixel Resolution or 960h. This is the greatest new breakthrough in the security camera industry. Next, you will want high standards in Weatherproofing, Waterproofing ratings. For example, most of our cameras are rated to -40 degrees F below zero and +158 degrees F above.

Then you’ll definitely want a high quality DVR to view and operate your cameras from. One that supports the new high resolution 960h technology. One that is also easy to setup and use, and if you have issues, you know you have the ability to make one phone call and have your issues resolved.

You’ll want to know about installation of your system. We have designed an easy installation kit for the do it yourself group, or we have Professional Installers nationwide.

Another option, we offer many Pre-Engineered Security Camera System Packages, supplying you with everything you need: DVR, from 2 to 16 Cameras, Power Supply, video/power cabling, connectors, software, Quick Start Guides, 2-3 year warranties and free unlimited Tech Support for life. Specially designed to fit your needs.

You want your system to be solid and well built. Be sure and check each of the specifications closely, as this is where many companies will “short” you and this is the reason their prices are so cheap. You think you’re getting a “good deal” but Buyer Beware !

Check out our Security Camera Systems at Rugged Cams, we have been manufacturing and selling camera systems worldwide for over 20 years. Our cameras are built to last, and we offer the very latest in Camera and DVR technology. Our staff of Engineers are standing by to give you a free Custom System Design. Self or Professional Installation.

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