There are any number of different types of events that could cause a crisis.  The electrical grid could go down in your area, the water supply could be interrupted, a virus could spread quickly, there could be a food or fuel shortage, the possibilities are many.  During a crisis or major shortage, people get desperate.  They may come to try and take whatever you have.

Self protection is the most important aspect during any emergency situation. Security cameras play a major role in self protection.  When protecting yourself, and your family, you will need to know who is coming, how many, and how well armed they might be.  Having that information, a type of early warning system, is crucial.  This gives you time to plan your response.  Being surprised by thieves and home invaders is a recipe for disaster.

Security cameras are the best tool in your arsenal when it comes to providing an early warning that someone has targeted your property.  A good quality security camera system that can provide clear views day or night, and also direct invisible infrared lighting in dark areas, is worth its’ weight in gold.  A cheap system will not give you the best views, the best nightime lighting, and will probably not even have ways to alert you when someone steps foot on your property.  Keep that in mind when you shop for a security camera system.  What you buy, could mean the difference in the level of awareness that you will want in these situations.

How will you power your system if the power goes out?

If you lose power, it is possible to run a generator to power a camera system, but you may not be able to run a generator 24/7.  So when you look for a security camera system, look at the specifications closely.  Make sure that the cameras and the DVR can all be powered via 12 Volts DC if needed.  Even one good sized battery can run a camera system for a couple of days.  This gives you a fall back position if the power goes out and doesn’t come back on for days or even weeks.  If you buy a system that will only run on regular AC voltage, you won’t be able to run your system full time.

Systems that run on DC voltage will not cost any more than a regular system, but you will have to search for the equipment, as only a few manufacturers make this type of dual voltage DVR and cameras, then when you find a system you think may work for you, ask the supplier or manufacturer some tough questions.  Many times the crucial information about a system is not what is in the specs, but what is NOT mentioned.

Rugged Cams makes dual voltage equipment.  We have been designing and supplying this type of equipment for more than 20 years.  Our System Design Engineers are ready for the tough questions.  Give us a call at 1-866-301-2288 or visit our website at

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