What you need to know when you are ready to have a Security Camera System Designed and Installed. There are certain factors you must consider before you begin. You want your Security Camera System Design to be as accurate as possible. There are some important things you should think about before selecting the proper camera system for your property.

  • Will you be using indoor or outdoor cameras, or both
  • How is the lighting in all areas through out the day and night
  • What resolution are you looking for (TV Lines) from your Camera and DVR
  • Do you want Dome Cameras or Bullet Style, etc.
  • Do you want the Camera to be Vandalproof, Weatherproof, Waterproof
  • Would you like a “fixed” field of view or the ability to focus (Varifocal Lens)

These of course, are just a few listed above. Dig into specifics about your business or home, certain areas or rooms you are most concerned with and view points you are interested in capturing. Make sure your layout is going to achieve all of your conditions. Our Rugged Cams Engineers are here for a reason, that is to get you exactly what you want and need, for the best Security Camera System Design.

Next you will want to select your DVR. This is the brains or the hub for your Security Systems Network. Your DVR takes the feed from the Cameras and allows them to be viewed live, recorded and monitored 24/7, among other things, such as viewing events in the past, and the ability to download that video to a USB, or DVD recording, and many more.

If you’re a Corporate customer, you may require one of the more advanced DVRs, with all the options possible. But, if you’re a home owner, you could save some money and choose a more basic DVR.

Next, we can help you with your coax cable, we offer pre-made lengths, or custom cable lengths including Cat5 cable. Finally, you want to check for sufficient power, using either your existing outlets, circuits, and correct cable length for runs from the DVR to the Cameras. Visit us today for your Custom Design!

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