Now most everyone has heard of table manners and along the same lines we’re going to talk about cable etiquette. For all of our end users that this is their first install, and even for our dealers that might need a refresher course on cable manners!
– DO NOT pull very hard on your cabling. The cabling you are using whether that be coax or cat5 needs to be handled with care. If you have even a slight twist in the cable – one good yank could sever the center conductor rendering your cable useless.
– DO NOT connect your cables to the DVR or to your cameras until they are fully installed. If you pull on one end you have no idea what is happening on the other end. You can damage other equipment which will not be covered under warranty.
– Wrap all attachment points with black electrical tape. This will protect the connections from corrosion as well as grounding issues.
– Make sure your connectors are terminated correctly and firmly attached before wrapping them with black electrical tape. A bad connector termination can be very hard to trace when you start having an intermittent camera signal.
– Label all cameras for polarity on both ends of the cable. There’s nothing like frying a 12V DC camera when you connect it into 24V AC. You fry it, you bought it!
– Make sure you know your cable limitations before purchasing your cabling and even more importantly when you are running the cabling. I know I am horrendously bad at estimating distances. I’ll tell you 100′ and it’s actually 250′. With limitations on power and video cable make sure you get it right the first time. And the person selling you equipment is only as good as your estimations. Nobody wants to go through an entire install and then have to jump ship right in the middle because the cabling purchased isn’t going to meet the true specs of the job.
– ASK QUESTIONS FIRST!! We have full time, unlimited tech support for the life of your equipment so if you have questions please ask them before doing something you THINK is correct. We don’t want to have to tell you that you just turned your $200 camera into a paperweight when it was connected wrong. If you are unsure about anything just pick up the phone and call 866-301-2288. A 2 minute phone call can save you money and hours of work and installation.
– READ THE QUICK GUIDES!!!! Our staff here has taken the time to put together the most asked questions about our most complicated products and created quick reference guides as well as installation guides. These are invaluable to a first time installer. I don’t know many people that really want to sit down and read a 120 page manual from start to finish. You aren’t going to retain the knowledge and getting overwhelmed can happen very quickly. So just take a few minutes to read the guides (most are on bright yellow pieces of paper) and familiarize yourself with the parts and pieces of what you are about to work with. We’ve also got how to video’s on that can be found here.

Any questions at all we are here to help you through from start to finish and everything in between!
coaxialcable 150x150 - Run Your Coaxial Cable Carefully

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