You may have a lot invested in your Business Security Camera System. Now, how to fully benefit from your Security System should be the up most thing on your mind.

Take a look at the steps listed below to optimize your Security Camera Systems.

  • Simple lens cleaning will save you possibly missing out on an event you really need to see! It’s easy to install your cameras and forget about them. Remember to clean your camera lenses. Keep the lenses clean at all times.

  • Check periodically for error codes or anything different going on with your DVR. You may think your DVR is recording just fine, but it never hurts to check and be sure. Re-boot your DVR once a month.

  • Keep obstructions clear, growing trees, spider webs, dust, etc. This will obstruct your camera’s view, with out a doubt. It’s an easy fix.

  • With any outdoor security camera system lighting is another important factor. If you want to monitor an area at night, you must ensure to maintain the area and make sure it has enough lighting for your cameras to display images clearly.

  • Use Motion Detection to record. The simplest way to record, is to record all the time. But, this requires huge amounts of hard drive space. It may also be difficult to search and find your exact minutes of video you need.

  • Keep your DVR clean and free of dust, especially the connections at the back of the DVR.

If you follow these simple and easy steps listed above, you will have far less, if any problems at all with your Business Security Camera System.

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