Security camera systems have evolved considerably through the years, making surveillance easier, more effective and helping make countless environments safer. What was once considered the utmost in security camera systems is now soon to be obsolete, thanks to digital video recorder (DVR) technology. If you or your company are still using an outdated, tape based security camera system, you might want to consider upgrading to the more secure, versatile and user-friendly DVR security camera system. This article explores two of the many advantages of owning and operating a DVR surveillance system.

When the Cat is Away…

…the mice will NOT play. DVR security camera systems allow you to view, in real time, every bit of footage captured by your cameras. This means you can access live footage from remote locations at any time of the day or night to see exactly what is happening while you are away. DVR security camera systems offer much more than remote access however. Your personalized control panel allows you to control your entire system remotely at the touch of a button. With a DVR surveillance system, you can choose to change camera angles and review past footage without pausing live recording. Perhaps the most convenient feature of a DVR security system is that it can keep recording for days, even weeks without you having to do anything. DVR systems do not use tapes, which can, at best, offer about 8 hours of recording before requiring someone to change the tape. DVR security camera systems store all footage on a hard drive, allowing for many more hours of uninterrupted taping. Depending on the size of your hard drive and amount of memory you purchase, a DVR system will allow you to travel as you please while keeping an eye on live footage from a remote location without requiring any kind of maintenance or attention on your or anyone else’s part. Simply put, installing a DVR security camera system for your home or business will allow you to attend to any business that requires you to be away all the while keeping an eye on everything and everyone who crosses your camera’s path. This is especially helpful as it allows you to take action as necessary and helps avoid having to deal with issues or situations that may have become detrimental had you not been aware of them as they occurred. Remote monitoring allows you to monitor your employees, clients and customers. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or witness behaviors or actions that require you to step in, you can do so right away, avoiding having to deal with the problem once it has developed into a situation that would no doubt be more difficult to handle. Keeping an eye on what goes on while you are away also allows you to be aware of the latest developments so that when you are alerted to them by someone on location, you can jump in right away and handle things quickly and effectively. And in cases where you might notice actions or behaviors that do not require immediate action but should nevertheless be brought to someone’s attention, you can simply make note of it and bring it up when you return. What is more, you can connect several cameras to the same DVR system and record each camera’s footage separately. No more split-screen action: with a DVR security camera system, each camera captures a full, stand-alone screen of clear footage so you never have to miss any detail of the action.

Live Chat Lets You Take Your Office With You Wherever You Go

Staying on top of things while you are away from your office or your business, whether for short or long periods of time, can be quite challenging. Today’s technology has made it easier through the use of cellular phones, email and texting, but even these useful tools often fall short when important information need to be communicated in a timely fashion and to the right individual. These methods can also prove costly, depending on your location and service plan. DVR security camera systems go beyond making your office or business secure. They can be used as a live chat tool, allowing you to communicate remotely in real-time and face to face with whomever you need to speak to on location. This feature has become an invaluable asset for many successful companies and business owners. Imagine being able to convey and receive important information by having a conversation or meeting like you would were you on site. Speaking with someone live on camera eliminates the faults found in email and text which often lead to misinterpretation or miscommunication of important details or information. The tone of an email can easily be misunderstood by the recipient, whereas a face-to-face, live conversation allows both parties to be clear, concise, and to close the conversation the confidence that everyone is on the same page.

Proficient businesses are only as successful as allowed to be by their ability to keep up with the times and make the best of the latest technologies available. Just as you’ve evolved from mailing letters to sending email, just like you could not conceive not having every client on the line at the touch of a button, you can not afford not to upgrade your outdated security camera system with a DVR surveillance system. The advantages far outweigh the cost. In fact, the money and time it will save you will more than make up for it in no time. Call us today for a free estimate and consultation. Our skilled security system technicians will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.

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