10 August 2009 Comments Off on What is happening that is new with today’s security cameras?

What is happening that is new with today’s security cameras?

At Rugged CCTV, 5% of our budget goes into Research & Development toward new products designed for use in the highly corrosive environments commonly found at car washes. We are also developing new and better ways to render video, both at the camera and at the recorder.

One of the new technologies we have developed this year includes the Sun-Pix camera that we debuted in June. This camera employs a whole new way of looking at light, and is making it possible to use a camera in extreme high-glare situations. Essentially, this technology turns every pixel of the picture into its’ own camera, and enables users to get a perfect picture under almost any conditions. We hope to introduce more types of cameras using this technology in the coming months.

We are also working to compress pictures more efficiently for recording without stripping out too much data or resolution. Four years ago we joined a consortium developing out the feature sets of the newest picture compression method, called H.264. This new way of compressing and recording pictures applies to analog cameras, as well as the newest Internet Protocol (IP) type of mega-pixel digital cameras that we are starting to see used more frequently. H.264 basically tries to achieve the best quality picture in the smallest file space. This ability will become even more important as the industry moves to the all-digital format that creates large amounts of data. Currently IP-based cameras and recorders have yet to reach their full potential, and the costs are still quite expensive, but we think that IP-based equipment will be the primary technology used within the next 5 years.

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