Rugged CCTV Makes Security Cameras For Businesses

by Allen Spears

Rugged CCTV

Rugged CCTV started manufacturing security cameras for businesses in 1993.  Since that time, tens of thousands of businesses have relied on us to protect their property and businesses from crime and vandalism.

Businesses of all sizes – from Fortune 500 to Mom & Pop stores – have relied on us to help design a security camera system for their business that is effective, of the highest quality and is also affordable.

What you may not know, is that Rugged CCTV also manufactures our own security DVR’s.  Over the years, this process has evolved to the point where we now have our boards and the DVR cases manufactured overseas, then we design the firmware here.  Once all the component parts are stocked on our build line, we assemble the DVR’s, add all the internal cables, jumpers, hard drives, graphics and labels, then load the firmware right onto the processor (this makes it impossible to hack into the DVR, and, more importantly, keeps the operating software off of the hard drives in case of failure).  We then begin a series of tests and burn-in procedures that takes the total time to build a DVR to just over 24 hours.  Once the security DVR has been certified and quality checked, we then begin the process of packing it for shipment to your business.

No other manufacturer includes more guides and aids than we do.  First, we include an actual printed manual.  Most other companies simply give you a CD-ROM with a rudimentary manual that is all but worthless, incomplete, and hastily translated from a foreign language.  We write our own manuals here – in house.

We then include a “Quick-Start Guide” that outlines all of the common tasks that you will normally perform – all on one page. No need to crack open the manual when our Quick Guide will step you through it in a matter of a few seconds.

We also include a CD with our Central Monitoring Software for watching any number of DVR’s and locations simultaneously, from your PC – wherever you may be in the world.  This is a program that most other companies charge for! You may also use Internet Explorer for connecting to one DVR at a time.

Next, we include a Remote Control, fresh batteries, rack mount hardware, peel-n-stick labels with your default passwords, and even a set of warning labels to post at your entry points or other vulnerable areas where thieves will see them.

Now, if that weren’t enough – we also include our exclusive Two-Year Warranty, and the most valuable feature of all – Unlimited Tech Support for LIFE!  Our customers tell us that this feature alone is well worth the purchase price because they can – and do – call in as often as they want to ask questions and get training on how to operate their DVR.  The simple fact that someone is here to immediately answer the phone and assist you – is way more than you can expect from other companies.  Add in the fact that our Tech Support folks are the same ones that help design the software and also  writes the manuals, and you get knowledgeable help right on the spot.  That fact alone puts us head and shoulders above 99% of the companies out there.

Finally, when your security DVR arrives, it is ready to start recording the cameras at your business immediately.  All you have to do is plug it in, and it is programmed to start recording right out of the box.

Plus, if our Design Engineers have designed a custom system especially for your business, ask them to label all of your cameras as to where they go, so you or your installer will find installation as easy as Plug-N-Play. There is never a charge for custom design or placement labeling.  Where else can you find this level of customer service?

Trust your business to the real Pro’s at Rugged CCTV

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