Rugged CCTV, a Security Systems Manufacturer in Texas, is introducing a technological breakthrough for digital security cameras that promises to change the industry.

Kemp, TX, June 12, 2009

sun pix web - New Type of Security Camera That Looks At Things Differently
NEW Sun Pix Super WDR Camera

Rugged CCTV, a manufacturer of Digital Security Cameras and Equipment, has unveiled the first in a new series of security cameras that they call “SunPix”. This new development is not just an upgrade or improvement to existing technology, but instead changes the entire process of how a security camera works.

“The power behind the lens of this new Digital Security Camera, is a chipset called DPS (Digital Pixel System), essentially turns each pixel into its own camera.” says Allen Spears, Chief Engineer at Rugged CCTV. “Unlike traditional 8-bit Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) chipsets that are used in most cameras, the DPS system uses a revolutionary 14-bit Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) sensor that samples each pixel independently, multiple times per exposure. The results are startling – clearer pictures, crisp true colors, more detail, and the ability to handle difficult lighting conditions from the harshest glare to the blackest darkness.”

Previously, the greatest advancement in security camera technology was the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) sensor. WDR cameras made great strides in dealing with the industry’s toughest condition – namely trying to get a clear image and facial features when a person was facing the camera with sunlight glaring in from behind them. Many common situations pose this type of problem, such as outdoor cameras pointing East or West, cameras looking out the storefront windows, or trying to see a license plate with headlights and taillights shining into the lens. WDR cameras improved these conditions greatly, but the range from dark to light adjustments was still limited to 256 steps total. The new DPS sensor can manage any light thrown at it – with an amazing 65,556 steps from the lightest setting to the darkest for each pixel. A truly Super-Wide Dynamic Range camera.

The first camera from Rugged CCTV to employ this new technology, is a High Resolution Day/Night camera with built-in High Power Infrared (up to 90′ distance) in an IP67 rated waterproof housing. The “SunPix-IR2910” has 520 lines of resolution, an on-screen menu that allows any setting to be changed or fine-tuned, and also has a 2.9mm to 10mm Varifocal Zoom lens equipped with a mechanical Infrared Cut Filter for crystal clear, true-color pictures during the day, and since the lens is an Aspherical Day/Night version, displays perfectly focused views at night under Infrared lighting. Most cameras exhibit a focus shift in Night Mode and the pictures are fuzzy and out of focus.

Rugged CCTV is developing several other indoor and outdoor cameras with the new DPS technology, and will be releasing new models later this year.

About Rugged CCTV
Founded in 1993, Rugged CCTV is a major manufacturer of Digital Security Cameras and Digital Video Recorders for business and government, with thousands of systems in use worldwide.

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