First, let me say that we just redesigned our Blog and it is sharp! I hope everyone enjoys it.  The old one was a little buggy and wouldn’t allow us to do very much with it.

Now, we have been designing and working on a complete new line of Dust-Tight, Water-Tight, Wash-Down Proof  IP68 sealed cameras for the last several months. These new patented designs are geared for challenging environments.  Does your camera location get too wet, too cold, too dusty, too hot?  Then we have a complete new line of Rugged Cams to tackle your toughest challenges.

Our first release is the New & Improved Defender Dome Camera. Go check it out.  This baby sports 600 lines of Resolution, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), High-Light Masking, an Auto_Iris 2.8 to 12mm Varifocal lens, and a 3-axis camera gimble that will allow mounting on any surface and at any angle.  The Defender even mounts to double-gang electrical boxes.

As far as we know, this is the first submersible Dome Camera of its’ kind!

All of this innovation comes at a bargain price. Check it out here:

Stay Tuned!

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