Used with Sony Super HAD CCD and its DSP technology, these cameras reproduce
extremely clear color images at a resolution of 500 TVL.
The image instantly changes from Color to B/W at 5 lux automatically, and its horizontal resolution at night is increased up to 560 TVL.
The external zoom and focus knob enables customers to control zoom/focus simply by hand externally. The unit has passed the IP67 testing and guarantees interior moisture, condensation-free picture in any harsh weather condition.  NO INFRARED
• Day/Night Camera – Color in the day, B/W at night
• Perfect Weatherproof (IP67)
• External lens adjustment
• 4-9mm Varifocal Lens
• Automatic image conversion from Color to B/W (True DN)
• Extremely High resolution of 500 TVL (Color) to 560 TVL (BW)
• Very accurate color reproduction
• 1/3” Super HAD Color CCD sensor
• Power surge protection built-in
• Intelligent IR Protection technology built-in (IIRP)
• 12VDC

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