Some items purchased at a Warehouse Club are fine, and sometimes the price cut is worth the effort. But not when purchasing Security Camera Systems for your Business. Here are the top ten reasons why:

  1. Warehouse Clubs do not stand behind their cameras, in the manner that Rugged Cams does.

  2. Warehouse Clubs offer little to No Warranty – in comparison

  3. Warehouse Clubs offer little to No Technical Support – They don’t have the resources for this

  4. No support when connecting your System to the internet – This can be one of the most difficult steps, especially if your not network savvy, you may find yourself having to hire a network professional, and this is expensive.
  1. Low resolution on cameras with low frames per second (fps)

  2. Pictures from their cameras are grainy and of low quality – under low light conditions

  3. Cables are of poor quality – they are thin, and not as sturdy as the cables we recommend

  4. Limited Infrared (IR) performance – there is little research done on Warehouse Club security systems

  5. Playback is substandard

  6. Camera chip sets are low grade quality – most use CMOS chips, Rugged Cams uses Sony CCD

Rugged Cams offers you the highest possible quality Security Cameras and DVRs money can buy. Would you put your Business or Family at risk with a poorly made Security Camera System? We don’t think so. Get the best built and toughest Security Camera System in the industry, from Rugged Cams. We also stand behind everything we sell. We back our products and care about our customers. We offer Sony’s high quality chip sets, true HD resolution, 2-3 year warranties, and Free Tech Support For The Life of your purchase! We have Engineers on site to assist you. We have our Tech Support Staff on site as well, right here in the US. If by some reason, your unit needs replacing, just ship it back to us, and we take care of it for you.

There is absolutely no comparison between a well established Company that exclusively sells and manufactures Security Camera Systems to a Warehouse Club.

Business Security Cameras can help your business in more methods than you could possibly realize.

Rugged Cams, come check us out first, you will not be disappointed, in our products, service or our Free Technical Support for life.

Rugged Cams

Building The Toughest Security Cameras On The Planet,

for over 20 years.


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