Consider installing a business security system. 90 percent of police believe security cameras deter burglary attempts. These systems detect an intrusion and can sound an alarm, take video footage of all the actions of these criminals trying to rake havoc on your property. Don’t put your business at risk by not having a Security Camera System in place, up and running and working for you!

The alarm from your system can be either a local siren, a silent text/email sent directly to your laptop, cell phone or both. Even if you are out of the country on vacation, you can be notified and aware of what is taking place at your Business location. This is just a must have.

CCTV Security Cameras have become the new standard of security and surveillance. CCTV security cameras have transitioned to digital high definition. With high shutter speeds, memory capacity and pixel resolution, photos can be taken either when alerted by motion or continuous recording. Crimes in this day and age are increasing at an alarming level. Thankfully, by having a security camera system, thieves are getting caught red handed.

With the excellent reliability of today’s business security systems, you can rest assured you are doing everything possible to protect your property, and the lives you feel most responsible for, your family, your employees and customers.

It is time to take security seriously at your business or home now. Call the experts at Rugged Cams and get your quote today!

We can custom design your system and do all the work for you. We make it easy to be secure and give you peace of mind.

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