The Outdoor Long Ranger PTZ is at the lowest cost we have ever had for a Sony 36X Zoom module
with 12X Digital Zoom, 540 lines of resolution and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range).
High-Speed turning and tilting (up to 540 degrees/second)
360 degrees endless turning and Auto-Picture-Flip when tilting past straight down
220 preset positions and 4 full Tours (up to 32 presets per tour possible).
4000 Volt Lightning and Surge protection built-in
Fan & Heater enable operation in environments from -40 degrees below zero to 140 degrees above
Multi-language On-Screen Menu (English, Spanish, German, Italian, etc.)
7 Alarm inputs and 2 Relay Outputs with linking to Preset positions you designate
(for example: hook a motion detector up to one of the inputs and the PTZ will swing around to look at that area when the detector sees motion)
Auto Home Position (returns automatically to a Home position after manual manipulation)
24V AC Power with Transformer included

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