Come visit our website at Rugged Cams, we have our HD-Megapixel DVR, high definition technology online for you to see. If you haven’t heard, there is now an easier way to have Megapixel High Definition Security Camera Video.

 In the past, the only way to accomplish this was with IP Cameras and equipment. That meant that you had to practically be a Networking Professional to set up the Networking, Routers, Switches and probably even POE (Power Over Ethernet) equipment.

 Now, with the advent of HD-SDI (High Definition – Serial Digital Interface) Technology, you can have 2 & 3 Megapixel Cameras and connect them as easily as any analog system. The reason it’s so easy, is that HD-SDI achieves it’s 1080p video over coax. That’s right, over ordinary coax cable, using a BNC connector.

 Together with a Megapixel DVR and a Megapixel Business Security Camera, such as our Fortress HD, IR 120 Magnum-HD, Vanguard-HD and Sentry HD, which all are 2.2 Megapixel. You can easily achieve this breakthrough HD-SDI Technology. All of the above listed HD Security Cameras, with the exception of the IR 120 Magnum-HD, carry our 3 YEAR Warranty. If you need the best Live video views, then HD-SDI will be the best option.

 To access our HD Demo, simply type into your Internet Explorer Browser address bar the following:

  • press enter
  • select PC Web viewer press enter

  • login box will appear

  • IP Address =

  • Port = 5000

  • User Name = ruggedcams

  • Password = 75143

That’s all there is to it, click on OK, and you will be connected to our 4 Channel HD Live Demo !

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