If you are planning to invest in business security cameras, you may want to consider speaking with a security expert. An expert can provide valuable advice when choosing among business security cameras and business surveillance systems that can be effective in certain types of establishments. They can advice you on which business security cameras for business operations will work best with your current security installations as well.

This can be a complicated process, as there are many specifications and many options most people are not aware of. That’s where we can help you! Rugged Cams has been manufacturing the best business security cameras on the Planet. Selling Worldwide!

We have also put together Packaged Systems, that may save you time and money. Visit our website to see all of our assembled packages, just follow this direct link: Business Platinum Packages All of our Platinum Business Security Camera Systems include FREE SHIPPING. We also have Standard Pre-Packaged Security Systems, from 2 Camera Packages, up to 16 Camera Packages, follow this link to take a look at these: Standard Security Packages.

Our Standard 2 Camera Package includes:

  • 1-VidSafe-4 960H** DVR

  • 2-High Resolution Cameras

  • Camera Power Supply

  • 2-60′ Premade Cables

 **Rugged Cams has updated all of our Analog DVR’s to support the new 960H Technology! This is the single biggest advance in analog technology in decades, and is now approaching Megapixel resolution. Truly stunning!

The real beauty of 960H technology, is the fact that most of the monitors used for DVR’s these days are 16:9 format monitors (4:3 monitors are harder to find, and are also more expensive as well). When you view regular analog DVR’s on this monitor, it is probably stretching the picture to fit the screen. This can result in distorted pictures and certainly misrepresents the scale of objects and people, and also distances, especially from left to right in the picture, because of the stretching. Now your resulting Live images and recorded footage will be correctly displayed on your monitor.

 What Do You Need To Take Advantage Of 33% More Resolution With 960H?

You’ll need two things: a 960H compatible camera, and a 960H DVR. All of your existing cameras will work with these new DVR’s. All of the recording resolutions of the past are still available to you. This new technology doesn’t make any of your cameras obsolete. Simply use what you already have, and add new 960H capable cameras when you want or need to. It’s that simple.


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