In just a few weeks, we will be introducing our New Megapixel Cameras and DVR’s. This new technology, much easier to implement than IP Cameras, will carry 1080p HD Video down your existing Coax cables.
What this means, is that you will be able to switch out your old cameras for HD Megapixel cameras in just a few minutes.
There is no “Networking” issues to deal with. No new wire installation. No Router, Switch or POE (Power Over Ethernet) devices to mess with. So making the switch to Megapixel 1080p (or even 720p) cameras will be as easy as hooking up an HD camera to your old wiring.

Our first Megapixel Cameras to be introduced will be the Defiant-HD Dome Cameras, in Infrared and Non-Infrared models.
We will also be introducing a new line of DVR’s that will be able to record these new Megapixel Cameras – as well as your old Analog Cameras – at the same time.
So upgrading will be super easy, and can be accomplished in minutes instead of days. And, you can start off with just a couple of Megapixel cameras – and leave your current cameras in place. You do not have to migrate to a new system all at once.
Look for our official announcement coming soon, and you will be able to watch your business and property with a 2.2 Megapixel HD Camera – in full 1080p.
And the best part? It’s affordable!

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