The Kaufman County Killer of the District Attorneys was originally caught stealing computer monitors from the Kaufman County Courthouse Complex.  When he was caught, charged and convicted, he apparently was so mad about it that he decided to start killing the Prosecutors of the case. Definitely crazy, definitely dangerous.

The Kaufman County authorities came to Rugged Cams (our Factory is only a few miles from the Kaufman County Courthouse), and said that they had a pretty good idea who was stealing stuff from their IT room (he stole more than just the minitors), but they needed to catch him in the act.  We sold them some security cameras and in short order, they had their thief.

What nobody knew at the time though, was that their thief was a psychopath who would create a vendetta against those involved in his prosecution and hatch a plan to murder them.

Rugged Cams security cameras have caught thousands of thieves, murderers and vandals in the past 20 years.  Get the best security cameras, with the best warranty and tech Support.  Get Rugged Cams.  We make security Cameras that last!

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