Another Tough, Smart Security Camera design from Rugged Cams

Kemp, Texas — September 12, 2012 — The FreezerCam is the latest innovation from Rugged Cams, a manufacturer of tough, ruggedized security cameras for challenging environments.
freezer cam 270x300 - Infrared FreezerCam Designed To Thrive In Cold Storage
Cameras in really cold environments need to be heated in order to survive where ordinary security cameras won’t, but many Cold Storage facilities present other challenges that need to be addressed as well. For example, in many Cold Storage environments, whether large or small, the camera is commonly mounted next to the door or entry curtain. This results in rapid temperature changes when warmer air enters as people and forklifts enter and leave. Normally, these rapid temperature changes will fog the lens on most cameras that simply heat the housing to withstand cold temperatures, but The FreezerCam was designed specifically to deal with these types of challenges.

The Engineers at Rugged Cams were tasked to come up with a design that would be largely unaffected by rapid temperature swings, and the result is a truly innovative design that also happens to be low cost.
The key to this revolutionary new design, is a “split-face glass faceplate” that not only isolates the Infrared light from spilling over into the camera viewing area, but also surrounds the camera lens portion with a circular heating ring that is temperature regulated down to -25 degrees below zero, and can also withstand hot environments that are as high as 140 degrees above.
This wide temperature rating means that you can mount the FreezerCam in walk-in Freezers, Cold Storage Warehouses, Refrigerated Containers or Trailers, or anyplace that is too cold, or even too hot for most cameras.

“The FreezerCam is also completely sealed and waterproof as well”, says Allen Spears, Chief Engineer for Rugged Cams, “When we design a truly waterproof security camera they must pass testing and certification for IP67, or even tougher, IP68 ratings. The IP68 testing procedure requires that the camera be immersed in water to more than 6 feet of depth for hours with no leaks at all. The FreezerCam is an Infrared Dome-style Camera that is IP68 rated and is also hermetically sealed. To ensure that there is no moisture present, which is usually the root cause of lens fogging issues, the camera chamber is injected with nitrogen so that the sealed space remains dry and doesn’t wick in moisture. The result is a truly waterproof camera that will not only survive, but actually thrive in almost any environment you put it in”.
The FreezerCam Infrared Security Camera will stand up to anything that Mother Nature or vandals can throw at it, indoors or outdoors, and can even be washed down with a high pressure sprayer.

The FreezerCam Infrared camera is Vandalproof, Waterproof, Weatherproof and Chemical-Resistant. The FreezerCam packs an amazing 580 lines of Resolution in a small, tough, ceiling-mounted package. It also has a Manual Zoom lens that is adjustable from 4mm to 9mm with external adjustments that are also sealed.
The FreezerCam can be mounted on any type of ceiling, and comes with a mounting plate that can be used as a stiffener if the ceiling material is too thin or flexible for normal mounting.

This is no dumb security camera. There are brains behind the beauty. The FreezerCam Infrared Camera employs a technologically advanced High Resolution, Day/Night Sony 1/3” Super HAD II CCD camera module, married to a Sony HQ1 Digital Signal Processor (DSP), that gives the camera a whole host of light-handling features. The FreezerCam is equipped with Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Automatic White Balance (AWB), and Backlight Compensation (BLC) functions that are all built-in and fully automatic.

The FreezerCam’s Infrared lighting consists of 56 high-powered Infrared LED’s that will light up an area with invisible infrared light up to 150′ away. The newest LED control board design for the Infrared Module is not affected if one or more LED’s are damaged or stop operating. This is a vast improvement over older designs that would stop emmitting infrared lighting if any LED burned out or malfunctioned.

The FreezerCam’s case is built out of a special Aluminum Alloy for corrosion and rust protection, then powder coated for long-lasting, weather beating protection. It is also certified to IP68 standards and has passed CE, FCC and RoHS certification.

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