When it comes to making sure that your protecting your home or business, you should always invest in cameras that are going to help you out the best. Sure, you could go with low grade, low end items that can give you a closed circuit view of what is going on, but often times those options are grainy and leave a great deal of detail out of the frame. If you want to ensure that you capture everything and you’re not surprised by vandals or anyone that is going to circumvent your security system, look into a high quality infrared dome camera for your overall needs. In fact, looking at the following high points that you should look for when looking into this option for your security needs.

Rugged Manufacturing – The first thing that you should look for is rugged construction. To ensure that the elements or some savvy criminal is going to break your camera, look for graded and rated weatherproof standards as well as tight outer casing. Do not go with a cheap item, spend a little more and get something that is going to stick with you regardless of what Mother Nature throws at it. Keep in mind that there are a lot of control factors that you will not be able to account for, but with good overall construction you can at least ensure that rain, snow, sleet, or even lightning won’t slow down or compromise your view.

Low Profile – The second thing that you’ll want to look for is a low profile. You don’t want to have troublemakers finding out that you have this in full view, instead make sure that you keep this relatively hidden so that they get caught in the middle of an act. With many of the higher end items you’ll find that a good infrared dome camera doesn’t even look like a camera, it looks more like a light, which can help you get a close view of what’s going on without anyone being the wiser.

Camera Quality – Some business and homeowners just want a visual, but when something happens and calamity strikes they run to the tape and see that the grainy footage barely captures any details. For this reason, make sure that you’re looking to the resolution of your camera choice. Look for there to be a fixed control with several lines of resolution, around 700 to be exact. You want to have a good view whether in light or darkness and you want to ensure that you have a full frame of what is going on day or night.

The above elements of a good infrared dome camera should be on your mind when you are looking into security equipment. Without the aforementioned pieces, you may not have the best in the business in terms of visual monitoring. Monitoring what’s going on is important so that you’re not caught off guard. Take some time to investigate options but make sure that you don’t miss on the features above. If you skimp, you may have a lackluster product, which will not be worth your money.

Rugged Cams makes a great infrared dome camera called the SlimPro-IR, that is a High Resolution, low cost security camera with a Two-Year Warranty.

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