Smartphone technologies can combine with security systems to monitor your business and increase your security. You can view and manage your security cameras from your iPhone, Tablet, or Android. The latest security camera technologies allow you to interact with multiple security devices from your smartphone. This is a convenient way to check on your business or home when you don’t have access to a computer. Also, you can be confident everything at your business is secure while your away.

See the links below to download our free application for your type of smartphone.

SmartEyes_Pro-Download link for your iPhone or iPad

SmartEyes_Pro-Download link for your Android Smartphone

Once you have installed this application onto your smartphone or tablet, you are ready to input your information from your CMS software on your PC. Open SmartEyes_Pro, Click the + (plus) button, then basically transfer your IP Address, port number, input username and password, click connect.
This will connect you to your Security Camera System through the DVR and the internet. Once you are connected, you will see Channel One or Cam One – you can swipe left or right to cycle through the camera images. Tap anywhere on the screen to access the Menu.

The Menu consists of four options, first being Camera View Mode – You can view up to 16 cameras images at once.
Second Menu option is for your PTZ – you can re-position, pan, tilt and zoom.
Third option is Preset
Fourth option is PB or Play Back, which lets you review your footage, also this option has a “goto” feature, which you can enter a certain date and time you may want to go back to for review.

Additional information:

September 6, 2013
1,000 – 5,000
Current Version
Requires Android
2.2 and up
Content Rating

Our engineers at Rugged Cams can guide you to the right security system for your business. You will get expert advice for your particular business security needs.

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