Eighteen brands of security camera digital video recorders are vulnerable to an attack that would allow a hacker to remotely gain control of the devices to watch, copy, delete or alter video streams at will, as well as to use the machines as jumping-off points to access other computers behind a company’s firewall, according to tests by two security researchers. At least 60,000 of the hackable video boxes, all of which use firmware provided by the Guangdong, China-based firm Ray Sharp, are accessible via the Internet.

Rugged Cams DVR‘s are not Chinese and are not vulnerable to these hacks.

Stop the hacker’s by making sure you have the latest firmware and software installed. This is simple and easy to do, just contact us, or visit our website. We have all the latest firmware and software listed on our download and technical support page, with detailed steps for installation, for your convenience.

Another excellent way to deter the unwanted hacking is to have a strong secure password in place. “The Guardian” a technology website is offering the following advise “This is where the length of your password makes an almost unbelievable difference. For a hacker with the computing power to make 1,000 guesses per second, a five-letter, purely random, all-lower-case password, such as “fpqzy”, would take three and three-quarter hours to crack. Increase the number of letters to 20, though, and the cracking time increases, just a little bit: it’s 6.5 thousand trillion centuries.” Wow, that’s valuable information for us all.

Be sure ALL your security features are activated that come already installed on your DVR and Security Camera. For example, check and be sure, once you’ve setup your system, that the (UPnP) or Universal Plug and Play protocol is disabled. This is a setting often enabled by default and allows the DVR to make itself visible to external connections.

Do not purchase brands that are known to have security flaws and have been in recent news as being “hacked”. Doing your homework and speaking with an engineer or salesperson that knows what they’re talking about can mean a world of difference towards your purchase of a secure DVR. Ask them how current their firmware is etc., simple questions like this can get you the security you deserve.

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