We are about to debut some new Megapixel Security Cameras in HD. But we will be doing it differently than many companies.
Why? Because up until now, the only way you could have a High Def camera was to do it via IP. That was a hassle. It required extensive Networking knowledge and lots of dedicated, and expensive, pieces of equipment.
But now there is a new way to implement HD cameras. How? By hooking up and transmitting over your regular coax wiring that you already have in place.
Truly Plug-N-Play. Truly easy. No networking knowledge required.
We will be assisting our customers to make the move to Megapixel HD cameras by introducing a Hybrid DVR that will accomodate 2 channels of HD cameras and 14 regular cameras. So switching over can be gradual, if you want, and can be as easy as replacing the DVR and one or more of your current cameras.
We will also be introducing an All HD DVR as well, so the choice is yours as to how you want to implement this great new technology.
What benefits will you get by switching? Well, first off, the pictures will be HUGE! In fact, at 1080p, the pictures will be at least 6 times as large as your current largest size of 740×480.
This will give you the ability to zoom in on details in the picture multiple times – without pixelating the picture.
This will also allow one Megapixel camera to replace as many as 6 of your current cameras (depending on what the camera is looking at). For example, if you currently have quite a few cameras covering a parking lot, you may be able to get the same views with only a couple of Megapixel cameras. The opportunities are endless.
We are way excited about this because we can now offer the best and highest resolution cameras – that ANYONE can install without training.
Look for our new HD Megapixel cameras and equipment coming in January.
cctvpicturesizes 150x150 - Coming early 2012 MEGAPIXEL Cameras - The Easy Way

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