Rugged Cams is now manufacturing a Stainless Steel Marine-Grade Infrared Dome Camera. The Stainless Steel Dome is machined from a solid block of Stainless Steel, and is sealed and gasketed to IP68 Waterproof standards.

The result, is a High Resolution tough, rugged Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera with a built-in Moisture-Guard Fan that fights condensation and fogging, even in the most extreme conditions.

The Stainless Steel Dome features a SONY 1/3” EX-VIEW Day/Night CCD Camera with 680 TV lines of resolution and a detachable Keypad to call up and manipulate the On-Screen Display (OSD). The OSD makes it possible to adjust a number of settings and features to tailor the operation for any environment or conditions present. The Menu is in English, but you can also change the language to other languages such as; Japanese, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish or Chinese.

The Lens is a DC Auto-Iris 2.6-12mm Varifocal with a manual zoom that allows adjustment for any views needed.

The Stainless Steel Dome also lights up an area as far away as 60′ with invisible Infrared Lighting from it’s 21 built-in powerful Infrared LED’s. The Stainless Steel Dome also features “Smart-IR” operation and will vary the intensity of the Infrared lights to avoid “whiting out” objects or persons that are close in, and it will turn up the intensity to illuminate objects or people that are farther away – all automatically.

Day & Night operation happens automatically because of the built-in light sensor that changes the camera from Color to Black & White operation as light levels vary.
Stainless Steel Dome Current Features include:
2.8-12mm Varifocal Auto Iris Infrared Lens (0.1 Lux/F1.2 – O Lux with IR)
21 Infrared LED’s (60′ IR Range)
Smart Infrared Automatic Brightness Adjustment
On-Screen Menu for Optimizing Camera Functions
Detachable “Quick Connect” Menu Keypad
Ceiling Mount (or with Optional Wall Mount Bracket)
Stainless Steel Body will not rust or corrode (Even in Salt Water)
Easy To Mount & Install
12 V DC (400mA)
Perfect for Any Harsh Environment
Marine Vessels
Offshore Platforms & Rigs
Tugs & Working Boats
Dockside & Marinas
Fueling Facilities
Bulk Loading Stations
Cement Plants
Pulp & Paper Mills
Food Processing Facilities
Sewage Treatment Plants
Chemical Plants
Pharmaceutical Plants

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