When we set out to design The Ultimate Infrared Camera, we were thinking about our customers who need a high quality Long Range Infrared Solution to see down driveways, across parking lots, or to invisibly light up a dark area behind a building or in an alley.

While we were at it, we decided to make it rugged enough to withstand any environment, and to last a lifetime.

The way to make a camera of that caliber is to use only the best materials, and to include features that no other company can match. Compare the following feature list to any other long-range infrared camera on the market:
  • We chose the best camera module Sony makes. The 1/3” Sony Super HAD II with the following features:
  • 560 Lines of Resolution (Day/Color)
  • 600 Lines of Resolution (Night/B&W)
  • D-WDR: Digital Wide Dynamic Range – the UIR employs a DSP Chip (Digital Signal Processing) that adjusts each pixel for the best light handing ability. So whether your picture has strong light or the sun shining from behind or in front of your subject, the result is a clear, corrected image in any lighting condition.
  • 3DNR (3D Noise Reduction)
  • Powerful Night Sensitivity (ranges from 2X to 125X as sensitive as normal cameras – automatically)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio of more than 52db (this is an important spec to watch for – compare to other cameras with a lower 48db ratio – the difference is clearer and definitely noticeable)
  • Intelligent Backlight Control (tones down lighting coming from the rear of your subject and makes faces clearer)
  • On Screen Menu -gives you the ability to access the digital zoom feature of 1X-32X, motion detection zones feature, privacy masking of sensitive areas of the picture, etc.
  • True Day/Night operation – with a mechanical filter that changes from day to night more (no blurry infrared focus shift problems)
  • Additional Features – Freeze frame, flip the picture, digital zoom, motion detection, etc.

Then we couple the Sony Camera module to a powerful 5-50mm Long Distance telephoto lens that enhances night vision performance, and makes it possible to see a clear image at least 2 times longer than conventional cameras – it even out performs Sony’s Ex-View camera module.

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