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How to easily install Remote Monitoring App for Your Rugged Cams DVR

SMART EYES PRO (FOR ANDROID) SMART EYES UPDATE (FOR iPHONE) You may recall, earlier in our blog, we released an article about the new software for viewing your Rugged Cams DVR directly through your smart phone. Rugged Cams has teamed up with a software company to bring you this great new application. We also mentioned […]

Correct Installation And How Not To Void Your Security Camera Warranty

In this “Tips and Tricks” section of our How-To Video Series, we want to try to help you install your wiring correctly so that you will not void the warranty. We’ve had a rash of customers calling in with fried cameras. Either caused from incorrect voltage, reverse polarity, or clipping the ends off of the […]

Run Your Coaxial Cable Carefully

Now most everyone has heard of table manners and along the same lines we’re going to talk about cable etiquette. For all of our end users that this is their first install, and even for our dealers that might need a refresher course on cable manners! – DO NOT pull very hard on your cabling. […]

Remote Monitoring Software for DVR's

Along with remote access directly through an Active X codec for Internet Explorer and our smart phone app named SMART EYES we also make full Central Monitoring Software (CMS) for all of our DVRs. This software gives you multiple DVR access at one time for live views, playback access, backup copy ability and a setup […]

BNC Connector Types and Instructions

BNC Connector Styles for Coax Cabling By Jennifer Spears So you are going to hang security cameras and you’ve decided to pull your own cabling from a spool of cabling instead of going with pre-made cables. Good for you! Promise you won’t regret it. You’ll have a cleaner installation, plus much cleaner video since you […]

Pre-Made Security Camera Cables

Here is a tutorial on pre-made CCTV cabling and the difference between pre-made and bulk cabling. What kind you need to look for, and look out for, extras you might need to get, and the pros and cons of this type of cabling.

Quick Explanation of Security Camera Tools, Connectors and Cables

Lots of questions come up on what tools and connectors are needed to terminate analog CCTV equipment. Here’s a quick run through on the items you need and the makeup of coax cable, the different kinds, and some helpful hints you need to know before you buy and install a security system. Home

Top 10 Questions About Buying A Security Camera System

Here are the Top 10 Questions I am asked on a daily basis for what a business needs in reference to security cameras and security camera systems.

It’s Time To Start Wiring With CAT-6e

Our installers report that about 80-90% of new installations are being wired with CAT-6e now. So, if you’re still running CAT-5e, start changing over immediately. This means you’ll have to order CAT-6e, and you’ll need to purchase new RJ-45 connectors for CAT-6e as well.

Ground Loop Issues with Security Camera Images

When you notice that your security camera pictures have either thin or thick horizontal bands or bars across the picture that slowly move up or down the screen, you may have a Ground Loop issue. Video Ground Loop problems, (sometimes referred to as 60 cycle Bars), are either faint lines or so wide that they […]