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Infrared Camera Questions

by Jennifer Spears I have heard a few interesting questions this week on infrared cameras so I thought I would post and then answer them here. 1. Why does the infrared camera turn to B&W at night? – B&W camera chip sets can see in the infrared spectrum, thus they can see the infrared illumination […]

BNC Connector Types and Instructions

BNC Connector Styles for Coax Cabling By Jennifer Spears So you are going to hang security cameras and you’ve decided to pull your own cabling from a spool of cabling instead of going with pre-made cables. Good for you! Promise you won’t regret it. You’ll have a cleaner installation, plus much cleaner video since you […]

Security Camera Video Over Cat-5 Wiring

Ever wanted to know what the different components needed for video signal transfer over Cat 5 cable was? Well here is your chance to learn it all…Ok at least most of it. Components and distances are gone through as is power requirements.

Pre-Made Security Camera Cables

Here is a tutorial on pre-made CCTV cabling and the difference between pre-made and bulk cabling. What kind you need to look for, and look out for, extras you might need to get, and the pros and cons of this type of cabling.

Quick Explanation of Security Camera Tools, Connectors and Cables

Lots of questions come up on what tools and connectors are needed to terminate analog CCTV equipment. Here’s a quick run through on the items you need and the makeup of coax cable, the different kinds, and some helpful hints you need to know before you buy and install a security system. Home

How To Put On BNC Connectors

In our continuing effort to assist our customers with all facets of installing a Security Camera System, we have just put up our latest “How-To” video, entitled “How to put on BNC connectors”. This explains the process in detail and should make putting on these connectors a snap. You will also be able to find […]

Security Camera Installation Instructions

by Jennifer Spears – System Design Engineer Rugged CCTV Time and time again I am asked if surveillance camera systems come with a manual on installing the cameras. My answer is – ALL surveillance systems for businesses and regular home purchase should come with some type of guide to walk you through how to install […]

DVR, Quad Processor, or Switcher – Differences and Preferences

DVR, Quad Processor, or Switcher – Differences and Preferences by Jennifer Spears Security System Design Engineer I thought we’d get back to basics for a minute and discuss the options available when you have more than one surveillance camera at your business. I’m going to be talking about 3 different pieces of equipment. I’ll be […]

Top 10 Questions About Buying A Security Camera System

Here are the Top 10 Questions I am asked on a daily basis for what a business needs in reference to security cameras and security camera systems.