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Top Qualities And Features Of A Quality Security Camera System

When you begin your search for a business security camera system, Rugged Cams, wants you to know some of the qualities you should be looking for in a high quality security camera system. One of the first choices you should look for is the ability of the Company you are purchasing the system from, to […]

How to Protect What Means The Most To You

How to Protect What Means The Most To You from Rugged Cams

Face Plate Color Business Security Camera by Rugged Cams

Rugged Cams presents The Face Plate Color Security Camera from Rugged Cams • Low Profile Surface Mount • Excellent Facial Recognition • Super Wide Angle • Great Hi Res COLOR Picture Weatherproof, IP67 Rated, 540 TV Lines of Resolution, and 1.78mm lens !

Video Resolution Comparison 960H (960×480) vs D1 (720×480)

Rugged Cams is excited to announce our 960H cameras and DVRs.  Please check out our website to see our new products.  We hope you enjoy our Video, as our Chief Engineer, Allen Spears, talks to you about the differences between 960H (960×480) and the standard D1 (720×480) resolutions.

Top Reasons To Select a Dome Camera For Security

When it comes to making sure that your business is protected against theft or any sort of problem that may arise, it can become important to look into security measures. Some of the more basic options that you can employ involves cameras. Not all are created equally and you may know this to be true, […]

Weather Proof Infrared Dome Camera – The Viper

Weatherproof Dome Camera – THE VIPER from Rugged Cams The Viper is a Vandalproof Infrared Dome Camera that will throw out infrared light up to 75’ away. The Viper is a Day/Night Camera that will ensure a sharp, clear image under normal lighting or even at night under infrared lighting. There is no focus shift […]

Security Cameras Can Protect Your Property During A Crisis

There are any number of different types of events that could cause a crisis.  The electrical grid could go down in your area, the water supply could be interrupted, a virus could spread quickly, there could be a food or fuel shortage, the possibilities are many.  During a crisis or major shortage, people get desperate.  […]

Correct Installation And How Not To Void Your Security Camera Warranty

In this “Tips and Tricks” section of our How-To Video Series, we want to try to help you install your wiring correctly so that you will not void the warranty. We’ve had a rash of customers calling in with fried cameras. Either caused from incorrect voltage, reverse polarity, or clipping the ends off of the […]

Run Your Coaxial Cable Carefully

Now most everyone has heard of table manners and along the same lines we’re going to talk about cable etiquette. For all of our end users that this is their first install, and even for our dealers that might need a refresher course on cable manners! – DO NOT pull very hard on your cabling. […]

DVR Manuals, Quick Reference Guides & More

Manuals and Helpful Information Rugged CCTV has been making our own stand alone DVRs for more than a decade. Technology changes rapidly in our industry, so we are always adding new equipment, but we still support our older DVRs for technical questions, and ALL of our customers receive FREE technical support for the life of […]