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At Least 18 Brands Of Security DVR's Are Vulnerable To Hacking

Eighteen brands of security camera digital video recorders are vulnerable to an attack that would allow a hacker to remotely gain control of the devices to watch, copy, delete or alter video streams at will, as well as to use the machines as jumping-off points to access other computers behind a company’s firewall, according to […]

We Now Take Paypal Payments for Security Cameras, Systems, Parts and Service

Rugged Cams now takes Paypal payments for security cameras, security camera systems, parts, service and for everything else too.  We also take Google Cash, Wallet, Credit Cards, Checks and other forms of payment as well. When you want the very best security cameras, then buy Factory Direct from our Factory here in Texas.  Rugged Cams […]

Fortress-700 Best Outdoor Camera

The Fortress-700 Outdoor Camera is the best, most advanced Infrared Bullet Camera on the market. Waterproof, Weatherproof, Dust Proof and Vandal Proof with a 6-50mm Telephoto Zoom lens and ultra-high resolution at 960H (horizontal lines of resolution) which is almost in the megapixel resolutions.

New Real-Time 960H DVR's To Be Released This Month

Rugged Cams is set to release their new 960H “Near HD” DVR’s later this month.  The new DVR’s will be available in 8 channel and 16 channel models, and record in real-time at any size resolution (including 960H).  Most DVR Manufacturers are a long way from releasing any type of DVR that will handle 960H […]

Remote Monitoring Software for DVR's

Along with remote access directly through an Active X codec for Internet Explorer and our smart phone app named SMART EYES we also make full Central Monitoring Software (CMS) for all of our DVRs. This software gives you multiple DVR access at one time for live views, playback access, backup copy ability and a setup […]

DVR Manuals, Quick Reference Guides & More

Manuals and Helpful Information Rugged CCTV has been making our own stand alone DVRs for more than a decade. Technology changes rapidly in our industry, so we are always adding new equipment, but we still support our older DVRs for technical questions, and ALL of our customers receive FREE technical support for the life of […]

Megapixel Cameras – Using the Same Wiring You Already Have

In just a few weeks, we will be introducing our New Megapixel Cameras and DVR’s. This new technology, much easier to implement than IP Cameras, will carry 1080p HD Video down your existing Coax cables. What this means, is that you will be able to switch out your old cameras for HD Megapixel cameras in […]

Coming early 2012 MEGAPIXEL Cameras – The Easy Way

We are about to debut some new Megapixel Security Cameras in HD. But we will be doing it differently than many companies. Why? Because up until now, the only way you could have a High Def camera was to do it via IP. That was a hassle. It required extensive Networking knowledge and lots of […]

Remote Access and Complete Control of Your DVR Security System from Anywhere

Security camera systems have evolved considerably through the years, making surveillance easier, more effective and helping make countless environments safer. What was once considered the utmost in security camera systems is now soon to be obsolete, thanks to digital video recorder (DVR) technology. If you or your company are still using an outdated, tape based security camera system, you might want to consider upgrading to the more secure, versatile and user-friendly DVR security camera system. Click the title to learn more…

What to look for when purchasing a DVR for your Security Camera System

Deciding to go Digital is easy. By now you probably already know all the reasons for switching to Digital Video recorders, such as: the ease of locating events without having to slog through hours of recordings, excellent storage quality that does not degrade after repeated viewings, their ability to multi-task and do several things at […]