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Feature Rich Auto-Detect and Record HD-Megapixel DVR

Most people don’t realize the importance of the DVR you choose for your Security Camera System. Rugged Cams has the only DVR that we know of that makes every camera input a Universal, Auto-Sensing, Auto-Configuring Channel. Our HD-Megapixel DVR can drastically reduce your installation process. No networking, no router, no switch and no learning. This […]

Rugged Vision-III Indoor/Outdoor DVR For Land & Sea

Rugged Cams Press Release Kemp, Texas April 29, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rugged Vision-III Indoor/Outdoor DVR For Land & Sea This DVR is built for challenging environments, whether indoors in dusty, corrosive environments, or outdoors in the heat, cold and weather. Low cost Weatherproof DVR (Digital Video Recorder) built in a UL rated NEMA 4X, […]

VidSafe S-WV (Super-Wide View) 960H DVRs From RUGGED CAMS

The Rugged Cams line of Standard Series DVRs has just gotten a major upgrade. The VidSafe Super-Wide Video DVRs are capable of recording footage at the amazing 960H Real Time resolution. This means that all channels can record at the highest resolution (960 pixels X 480 pixels) and fastest frame rates 30fps (frames per second) […]


This new technology, called HD-SDI, makes it possible to stream Full HD 1080p video over your existing coax wiring. This makes it a simple as changing out a few, or all of your cameras to start adding Megapixel Video to your security camera system. Best of all, it’s as simple as Plug-N-Play. Same wiring, same […]

Rugged Cams Presents The Indoor/Outdoor DVR For Land & Sea – Rugged Vision-III

  Rugged Cams presents our weatherproof DVR with UV resistance, corrosion proof Fiberglass (FRP) enclosure that is non-conductive, lighter, easier to drill or saw, less expensive than stainless steel, and is just as corrosion proof. Rugged Cams then insulates the enclosure and adds stainless steel hinges, lockable closures, and neoprene gaskets, which gives the user […]

Rugged Cams Engineers Make Final Inspections On All DVR's

Our Engineers at Rugged Cams take every precaution when making final inspections on all of our DVR’s before they leave the factory.

How To Make Sure That Your Security Camera System Video Is Private And Can't Be Hacked

Eighteen brands of security camera digital video recorders are vulnerable to an attack that would allow a hacker to remotely gain control of the devices to watch, copy, delete or alter video streams at will, as well as to use the machines as jumping-off points to access other computers behind a company’s firewall, according to […]

Do Not Buy a Consumer-Grade Security Camera System for Your Business

It is important to us, at Rugged Cams, for our customers to understand that there is a big difference between business and industrial grade security camera systems and consumer grade, so you know and understand what it is you are buying. Look closely at the specifications and details. Here are some tips so you know […]

The Stainless Steel Dome Business Security Camera by Rugged Cams

Rugged Cams is now manufacturing a Stainless Steel Marine-Grade Infrared Dome Camera. The Stainless Steel Dome is machined from a solid block of Stainless Steel, and is sealed and gasketed to IP68 Waterproof standards. The result, is a High Resolution tough, rugged Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera with a built-in Moisture-Guard Fan that fights condensation and fogging, […]

How to easily install Remote Monitoring App for Your Rugged Cams DVR

SMART EYES PRO (FOR ANDROID) SMART EYES UPDATE (FOR iPHONE) You may recall, earlier in our blog, we released an article about the new software for viewing your Rugged Cams DVR directly through your smart phone. Rugged Cams has teamed up with a software company to bring you this great new application. We also mentioned […]