Rugged Cams
April 30, 2014
Kemp, Texas
Weatherproof Security Cameras From Rugged Cams
Rugged Cams announces their Harsh Environment line of Weatherproof Security Cameras. Waterproof Security Cameras that will not only survive, but thrive in harsh environments do not have to cost an arm and a leg. We manufacture weatherproof security camera systems that can withstand wide temperature ranges and the most challenging environments with ease – all at an affordable price.
IP68 Standard
Harsh Environment Weatherproof, Waterproof and Dust-proof Cameras are categorized into International Protection (IP) Standards of IP66, IP67 and IP68. IP68 being the highest rating. These particularly high standard cameras are Dust proof – Waterproof and Weatherproof. Totally Sealed, Tested with high pressure jets and water immersion to a depth of 6 feet for 24 hours. Our lineup of these rugged cameras includes, but is not limited to:
• Fortress 700 Weatherproof Infrared Camera
• In our quest to design IR Security Cameras with cutting edge technology, while
being the toughest in the industry. The Fortress-700 Infrared Security Camera is
the most advanced IR Camera that the sheer number of innovative features that are
married together inside this tough, rugged, waterproof case, will astound you.
• Sentry 700 Dome Weatherproof Infrared or Non Infrared Dome Camera
• Security Dealers and end users alike have ordered more of the Sentry series of
dome cameras in the last few months, than any other dome camera we have ever
offered. In fact, we have increased production of the Sentry domes to be able to
keep up with demand. These dome cameras are that good.
• Freezer Cam Weatherproof Infrared Camera
The Freezer Cam is a High Resolution Infrared Camera designed with a highly
effective Heating Ring around the lens on the split-glass faceplate. This high heat
ring effectively heats the entire face of the camera and prevents any fogging or
condensation from forming in high humidity environments or from rapid temperature
changes, which happens near doorways and entries. This temperature controlled,
heated infrared security camera has been installed near strip doors, sliding doors
and overhead doors, and has been proven to handle the temperature and humidity
changes very well.
• Stainless Steel Dome Weatherproof Dome Camera
The Stainless Steel Dome is machined from a solid block of Stainless Steel, and is
sealed and gasketed to IP68 Waterproof standards. The result, is a High Resolution
tough, rugged Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera with a built-in Moisture-Guard Fan
that fights condensation and fogging, even in the most extreme conditions.
• Mobile Weatherproof Infrared Camera
The Mobile Infrared Camera is perfectly designed for a wide range of automotive
and industrial applications such as construction vehicles, truck and marine industry.
Two models available – Normal View & Mirror View. Both have Stainless Steel
Mounting Bracket and Sun Shield.
• Sub/Surface 550 Stainless Steel Underwater/Waterproof Infrared Camera
• Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Infrared Camera
• Sentry 700-HD Waterproof Infrared Dome – 1080p HD-SDI
IP 67 Standard
Harsh Environment Weatherproof, Waterproof tested with high pressure jets and water
immersion for 24 hours. No leaks, no fogging or condensation. Our lineup of these rugged
cameras includes, but is not limited to:
• Ruff Ride PTZ Weatherproof Mobile PTZ Camera
• Night Ranger PTZ Weatherproof Infrared Camera
• Vanguard 700 Weatherproof Infrared Camera
• Ultimate Weatherproof Long Range Infrared Camera
• Blaze Day/Night Weatherproof Infrared Camera
• Tru-Beam Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Camera
• Tru-Scene Weatherproof True Color Hi-Res Day/Night Non Infrared Camera
• Incredi-Bullet Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Camera
• Face Plate / Door View Camera Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Camera
• Vanguard HD Megapixel Weatherproof Infrared Camera
IP 66 Standard
• IR660 Infrared Night Vision Camera
• IR120 Magnum Extreme Range Infrared Camera
• Black Night 700 Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Camera
• SlimPro-IR Infrared Dome Camera
• Viper Weatherproof Infrared Dome Camera
• Cobra 90 Weatherproof Infrared Camera
• Cobra 180 Waterproof Infrared Camera
• Over-C/650 Weatherproof Infrared Camera
• Long Ranger Weatherproof Non infrared PTZ Camera
• Super Dome Weatherproof Dome Camera
• Tag Shot III Weatherproof Infrared Camera
• Night Chaser Series Weatherproof PTZ Night Vision Cameras
• Magnum HD-SDI Weatherproof Infrared Camera

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