28 May 2014 Comments Off on Weatherproof Security Camera Systems Serve Many Purposes

Weatherproof Security Camera Systems Serve Many Purposes

There was a point in time when a good weatherproof security camera system would have cost you thousands of dollars. But not anymore, now there are excellent options, for you to consider and take advantage of. Small business is not easy, but not protecting your facility, property or premises with good security coverage is a huge risk. It’s your business and it should be protected. This is where we can help, our weatherproof security cameras are affordable, and are industrial grade. Not like you will find at a wholesale store, or re-seller, etc.

Of course, the obvious reason to purchase a security camera is to deter intruders. There are also other reasons to think about. Such as protection of your customers as they enter your business. Customers are far more likely to give their business to a secured facility, they want to feel safe entering and exiting your location. This has become a part of the business world and a costly experience for owners, should something happen on your property, you are responsible. Placing cameras in the parking lot of your business is creating favorable circumstances that increase your chances of success in both catching criminals
while protecting your customers, and employees.

There is an advantage of making your weatherproof security camera visible to people, this lets would be trouble makers know that you are not going to tolerate their behavior at your business, even before they step inside your front door. This gives business owners double effectiveness. It provides superior coverage and doesn’t cripple your cash flow. There are no ongoing fees, such as a security guard, or monitoring company. You can monitor your cameras yourself, from any location, as long as you have an internet connection.

Come see us online at www.ruggedcams.com. Check out our affordable pricing. We offer 2-3 year warranties, and FREE Technical Support for life! We will be happy to-speak with you today, just call (toll free) – 1-866-301-2288.


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