If you are searching for a Weatherproof Security Camera then look no further. Our Sentry 700 is offered in infrared, as well as non-infrared. In an Ivory Color or Black. This Weatherproof Security Camera is loaded with superior features. Here are just a few:

1. Dual Voltage 12v DC / 24v AC
2. Black or Ivory Housing
3. 3.5 – 16mm Varifocal Lens
4. Built-in Heater
5. IP68 Rating

SONY’s Newest Camera Technology – 700 Lines Color / 800 Lines in Night Mode

The Sentry-700 Weatherproof Security Camera and the Sentry-700 both use the newest SONY Effio chipset and are a 1/3” ExView HAD CCD II series. This is a step up from most dome cameras which use either 1/4” cameras or CMOS chipsets, and many don’t include the ExView features which are proven to handle challenging lighting conditions much better than standard CCD cameras. Rugged Cams uses only the best SONY has to offer. Some brands that do use the best SONY cameras, don’t bother to use all of the features that SONY makes available. The Sentry-700 series use every feature that is offered, AND, we give you control of all of those features with an On-Screen Menu Display that is controlled by an on board Joystick Controller.

The Sentry-700 series are built on our new Sentry Dome frame housing, which has a number of innovations designed into it that clearly make it the best dome housing in the industry.

Compare the TOP 16 Features of the Sentry-700 Dome Camera and the Sentry-700 Infrared Dome Camera with any other dome cameras on the market:
SONY Effio 960H Camera – ExView HAD CCD II
700 Lines of Resolution in Day/Color Mode / 800 Lines of Resolution in Night Mode
D-WDR – Digital Wide Dynamic Range Light Handling
Smart 3D-DNR – Digital Noise Reduction reduces graininess when the camera is amplifying light
F-DNR – Helps to clear the picture in Foggy conditions or when raining, snowing, etc.
Digital Zoom – digitally zooms in from 1X to 32X when the optical lens needs more range
Digital Image Stabilization – stabilizes the picture if wind or vibration shakes the camera or mounting pole
Lens Shading Correction – corrects the picture as much as possible if sunlight or shade falls across part of the lens
Defect Correction – if any pixels burn out, this corrects the picture and erases those pixels
Sense Up – amplifies low light to continue delivering a clear picture
Privacy Masking Areas – can block out neighbor’s windows or other sensitive areas
True Day/Night Telephoto Zoom lens – 3.5mm to 16mm Wide Range
40 High Performance Infrared LED’s – (Sentry-700 Infrared Dome only) 100′ outdoors and 165′ indoor Infrared Lighting Distance
Smart IR – (IR version only) varies the power and intensity of the Infrared lamps to correctly light each scene
Built-in Heater – protects the camera down to -40º below Zero
Dual Voltage Auto-Sensing – 12V DC or 24V AC Power

Rugged cams builds the toughest Weatherproof Security Camera on the planet!

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