You may be considering a purchase of a weatherproof security camera or security camera and monitoring system for your business or home. You may be thinking, I can easily purchase the security camera system, and do the installation myself. But If you are unsure, then it may be to your advantage to consult with a professional company such as Rugged Cams. We have professional Engineers that can do a site map survey and advise you of the best suited equipment and solve any potential problems you may have at no cost to you.

As there are several important conditions you need to make sure you are aware of before an installation should begin. We’ll just look at three of them.

Make sure there are adequate power outlets

One of the most common issues with security cameras is the lack of an appropriate power source. This problem is especially common in an outdoor security camera installation. It’s not very encouraging to walk outside to install your security camera system only to realize you can’t plug it in.

If you know of any potential power source problems before installation, get some good advice from a security system installer or a sales representative. Their expert advice may open up different options that you may not have thought of.

Security Lighting

With any outdoor security camera system installation lighting is another important factor. If you want to monitor an area at night, you must ensure the area has enough lighting for the camera to display images clearly. You can either do this by installing some outdoor floodlights, or you can choose a camera with low light ratings (known as lux), or an outdoor infrared camera. We have over 24 infrared models to choose from.

Weather and Climate

Make sure, that you consider the temperature range your camera will face throughout the year. Few cameras can withstand extremes of 120 degrees Fahrenheit in hot climates as well as temperatures of -20 degrees Fahrenheit in cold ones. Make sure your camera purchase is right for your climate before you begin. Check the (International Protection Standard) or IP68, 67 or 66 these particular cameras are the best rated for outdoor weatherproof cameras and are totally sealed to withstand wide temperature ranges and the harshest weather environments. We have security cameras that can withstand, temperatures of -40 below zero to 158 degrees above.


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