Introducing – The lowest priced completely submersible dome camera on the market to date. There is no other IP68 rated camera out there for this price. True Innovation at an outstanding price! The Waterproof Dome Camera by Rugged Cams. Just in case you are unsure, the IP68 rating is the highest international protection rating achievable!

Some security cameras claim to be waterproof, but most are only water resistant. The Neptune Waterproof Dome Camera is not only waterproof and dustproof, but can be submerged with no water incursion. It can even be washed down with a pressure washer.

The Neptune can be mounted on boats, ships, docks, car washes, water parks, trains, trucks or anywhere you find wet or wash-down environments. Made of durable ABS plastic, the Neptune Waterproof Dome Camera won’t rust or corrode – even in salt water environments.

The Neptune Waterproof Dome Camera can withstand a wide variety of environments as well. Rated down to 14 degrees and up to 122 degrees, this camera can handle many challenging environments.

This is truly a ruggedized security camera, and deserves to wear the “Rugged Cams” badge!

Super High Resolution – Now with 960H compatibility (when combined with 960H capable DVR)
Sony’s 1/3” Super HAD Day/Night Camera with the NextChip DSP (Digital Signal Processor).
4-9mm Auto-Iris Varifocal Zoom Lens.
Zoom Lens adjustments make zooming and focusing quick and easy.
Equipped with Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Automatic White Balance (AWB), and Backlight Compensation (BLC) functions are all built-in and fully automatic
Ceiling mount only
The Neptune Dome Camera is certified to IP68 standards and also has CE, FCC and RoHS certification
Weight only 1 lbs.

Protect yourself and your family, or your business with this low cost feature rich Neptune Dome Camera, 960H compatible! What you need to take advantage of 33% more resolution with 960H. You’ll need two things: a 960H compatible camera, and a 960H DVR. All of your existing cameras will work with these new DVR’s. All of the recording resolutions of the past are still available to you. This new technology doesn’t make any of your cameras obsolete. Simply use what you already have, and add a new 960H capable cameras when you want or need to.

Enjoy the much larger picture sizes and see more width than ever before – with the same lens! Since the new 960H technology allows for a picture that is 960 pixels wide – as opposed to the 720 pixels of older cameras – you gain 33% in width. That means that your lens is now seeing MUCH wider than it did at D1 Resolution (720×480).

Rugged cams builds the toughest Weatherproof Security Camera on the planet!


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