Security cameras for manufacturing plants and warehouses are routinely used for crime prevention and quality control purposes. Statistics show that monitoring factory workers, and or automated machine assembly systems with security cameras, can save your company by protecting your bottom line. When mechanical failures are incurred, a security camera can be used to investigate the failure and allow the operator to rectify the problem more aptly. If workers are manually on the assembly line, a security camera can record dangerous processes, and help managers adapt quality control regulations on an as needed basis. Time and money is saved when a security camera captures a potential production or safety problem. In turn, this allows management to assess, implement, or make an addendum to their policy and procedures.

Trademark Secrets Stolen at Manufacturing Plant

In Greeley, Co. a manufacturing company exists that creates trademark designs for grocery stores. On a warm day, as usual, the operations manager allowed the electronic garage door for the assembly floor to be left open as workers continued working. A stranger appeared on the premises and started walking around the plant taking pictures and asking questions. He said he was a reporter doing a write-up on the owner. He lied. He was a spy from a competitive company looking for an opportunity to steal trademark secrets. After about twenty minutes, it was discovered by the office manager that the man was on the premises, and she called 911. When the man saw the police arrive, he then fled on foot and got away. Unfortunately, the manufacturing facility did not have security cameras at the entrance of the plant. Had the owner been more pro-active, he could have saved himself a lot of trouble. In doing so, he most likely would have prevented the crime from happening. Security cameras for manufacturing plants are a prime preventive against theft or criminal activity.

Warehouse Activity Turns Criminal

Vigilant security is required for protection and safety in warehouse industries. Security cameras for warehouses and similar businesses are vital in preventing or capturing criminal acts such as theft, vandalism and believe it or not, homicides.

In March 2010, thieves in Enfield, Connecticut broke into the Eli Lilly & Company Drug Warehouse. It was reported that over $75 Million in prescription drugs were stolen. Warehouse drug thefts have become a new trend for such acts of crime.

Murders across the States in Warehouse Facilities

Two men were shot numerous times and killed in a Tempe, Arizona warehouse. No security cameras were on site; therefore, the murders have gone unsolved. Investigators do not know if this was a robbery or a drug deal, or other altercation that went bad. There were no witnesses, and no security cameras at the warehouse to record the brutal murders.

On the other hand, Williams-Sonoma reported an attempted murder suicide that took place September 29, 2010. The couple was employed for numerous years at the warehouse distribution center. As recorded on security cameras, the husband entered the plant, shot his wife numerous times, and then turned the gun on himself. Though there were witnesses, it was the security cameras that gave detectives what they needed to investigate, and assess the crime.

Security Cameras – A MUST for Manufacturing Plants and Warehouses

Perhaps you are looking for a better way to protect your business and assets. Security Cameras, when used efficiently and effectivily in manufacturing plants or warehouses, are your number one defense against safety infractions or criminal activity. You can count on expert advice from the top-rated manufacturer of Business Security Cameras. Rugged CCTV can help you find the right security camera solution that fits your business – no matter what type of business you have.   Call us today!

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