It was not too long ago, in America, one would never have to worry about parking a service truck anywhere. Today, if you drive a company vehicle, you need at least one security camera guarding it. Throughout the country there has been a reported increase in theft at construction sites, oil fields, highway maintenance vehicles, and work trucks parked at residential areas. Thieves, working in multiples, have learned how to move in and out quickly, before you even know that they are there.

Parked Trucks at Worksites, Vulnerable to Theft

In Illinois, two men were charged with breaking into service trucks parked at an Ameren electrical substation. About three dozen hand tools, copper wire, and copper sleeves used to connect power lines were stolen from the trucks. It took authorities several days to track down the culprits, who by then had pawned several of the items. There were no security cameras at the work yard or shop to record the event; thus, it hindered the investigation.

A Density Gauge was stolen from a licensee’s truck at a construction site in Miami, FL. The gauge was chained down to the truck. When the employee returned to his vehicle, he found the chain had been cut, and the evidence of the stolen gauge.

In Edmond, OK, police reported a work truck parked in the parking lot of the Fairway Plumbing Business that had items missing. The driver/owner had gone to his truck late in the day, and noticed that his $8,210 digital camera and a $2,500 sewer machine were missing. No security cameras were in the truck or parking area, to record the theft; therefore, the items have not been recovered.

Security cameras for parked trucks at work sites not only prevent theft, but they also inform owners on how thieves approach the premises and execute their crimes.

Thieves Empty Out Work Truck Parked at Home

Unfortunately, when you least expect theft to happen, is when it will. A plumber was called to unclog a line in an upper suburban neighborhood in Las Vegas, NV. Parking the truck in the driveway he took the necessary tools in with him to perform the tasks. He was in and out a few times before getting all the proper tools needed. He left his truck unlocked as he went inside to work on the problem. When he completed his assignment, he got into his truck. Immediately he noticed his wallet, his personal cell, as well as, a bag of tools was missing. Further investigation revealed other tools of the trade stripped from his vehicle. Driveways and curbs in residential areas are easy targets for trained thieves.

Security cameras are the first thing a criminal will look for when contemplating theft. As thieves case out a neighborhood, unsecured company trucks are high on the radar giving them opportunity for a crime. A security camera placed on, or in a service truck, is an excellent prevention against criminal activity, no matter what type of service business you own.

Preventing Crime for Parked Worked Trucks

If you own a company truck that carries valuable equipment inside, you cannot afford to be without a security camera to protect your business assets. Electricians, plumbers and other like-occupations, require a truck that carries inventory. A security camera is the first line of defense for an electrician, a plumber, or anyone who owns a work truck loaded with tools of the trade. To learn more on how you can protect your service truck from thieves, call us at Rugged CCTV. Our certified personnel can assist you in finding the right type of business security cameras for your work truck or onsite parking yard.

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