Security cameras for sandwich shops and ice cream stores may seem a bit overboard for some business owners. After all, people who usually frequent such a business are either hungry, or seeking social interaction, or both. Who would think that one would need a security camera for an ice cream store? Well, it would not be for the little kids coming in asking for a scoop of chocolate swirl on a sugar cone; or, would it?

Sex Offender Apprehended at Ice Cream Store

Eateries such as sandwich shops and ice cream stores are becoming easy targets for blatant criminals. In October 2010, Ann Arbor, MI reported that a man exposed himself to a child at an ice cream store. Ice cream stores are famous for attracting pedophiles. The opportune places where children, or teens tend to eat, or have fun, are playgrounds for low life types such as these. Security cameras can deter these criminals from entering your eatery.

However, in other cases, security cameras have caught the criminal in action, helping law enforcement to track them down. In NY, there was a sex offender who did not register after his prison release. He was caught hanging around outside an ice cream store seeking an opportunity to repeat his crime. The ice cream store had a security camera covering their parking lot. A teenager entered the ice cream store claiming that a man in the parking lot motioned for her to come over, and then said something derogatory to her. When they suspected something fowl going on, they called 911, and the man was apprehended.

Sandwich Shop Catches Criminal Activity on Security Cameras

From January – Nov 2010, there have been over 17,000 robberies of Subway and other sandwich shops. Many eatery owners have discovered the necessity in placing security cameras in their sandwich shops. Not only is it imperative for the safety of their employees, but for those who patronize their establishment. More and more of these robberies are being recorded on security camera systems, and that has lead to more convictions and apprehensions. In events such as these, the security camera is the key in gathering evidence for prosecutors.

Security Cameras Prevent Loitering

You may not think much about it, but food stores such as sandwich and ice cream stores are notorious for attracting loiterers. These are people who simply come in and sit, taking up tables that otherwise, paying customers desperately need. In urban areas, especially in times of extreme weather such as heat, and cold, sandwich shops and ice cream stores are places where the homeless gather. They are also known places that some parents use as babysitting arenas. In Washington D.C., there was a mother who instructed her nine year old son to walk to the ice cream store after school each day, and stay there for an hour until she got off work. Often the boy would just sit and do homework. Other times, unsupervised, he would play around with his toy car or use his pocket knife to cut words into the table. The security camera caught all of his actions, and the store used the evidence on tape, to press charges.

Crime Prevention in Eateries

Whether you own a sandwich shop, ice cream store, or other eatery, you can protect your business with security cameras. Rugged CCTV has trained security technicians that can assess your business needs, and offer affordable security camera solutions. Your ice cream store or sandwich shop should never be without business security camera protection. Call us today!

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