Are you in the market for an Industrial Strength Security Camera for your Business? The NEW Ruff-Ride Mobile PTZ from Rugged Cams is definitely worth a look. This Mobile PTZ is one of our best Security Cameras for Business and Industry and is designed for Rough Industrial Service and Industry Mobile Applications. This tough, weatherproof PTZ Camera is completely waterproof and is rated at IP67 standards and has an internal Heater that will keep this PTZ Camera operating at temperatures down to -50 degrees below zero F.

Rugged Cams has a partner company that makes the Ruff-Ride Case for this PTZ, then we assemble it with our own SONY 36X Zoom Module with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and our own MaxNight software that boosts the available light in low light situations.

This tough, rugged Mobile PTZ Camera has been designed to mount in any orientation on:

  • Off-Road Vehicles

  • Command Centers

  • Ships & Boats

  • Machinery

  • Cranes

  • Hydraulic Manipulator or Arms

  • Special Purpose Trucks and Machines

  • Construction Equipment

Hundreds of these cameras are in use all over the World on everything from Police Vehicles, Masts, Construction equipment and even Ships and Tugs. Choose the best engineered camera in the industry. Choose the Ruff-Ride Mobile PTZ. One of our best Security Cameras for Business and Industry.

The Ruff-Ride also comes with a special Vibration Dampening Plate with 5 Heavy Duty Springs that deliver a smooth ride under severe jarring and engine or motor vibration conditions. Couple this with SONY’s Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) settings, and you have two ways to combat shaky footage.

Choose Between Two Types Of On-board Lights

The Ruff-Ride Mobile PTZ carries it’s own lighting for lighting up the area in low light conditions. The Model with Infrared Lamps is commonly used where invisible IR lighting is needed, and is viewed by the camera in Black & White (Mono) mode. The White Light Model is used where visible light is desired and a Color picture is needed. Here are more of the lighting features:

  • On-Board Lighting (Infrared Lamps or White Light Lamps Models Available)

  • 390′ Infrared or White Light Range (120 Meters)

  • High Beam & Low Beam Settings for both Lighting Models

  • Model with Infrared Light will automatically turn on Lamps in low light settings, and can be automatically switched from Low to High Beams depending on Camera Zoom distance.

  • Model with White Light Lamps controls the Lamps via a Preset setting and can be turned on or off at anytime – day or night.

See our website for our complete line of PTZ Tough Security Cameras. We are available for any questions you have, just call us at 866-301-2288.

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