Retail stores, as a rule, are big, busy, high-traffic areas. Whether your store specializes in one product or is host to a wide range of departments, chances are it is packed with shelving units, clothes racks, employees and customers. Retail stores are the number one target for shoplifters because they offer plenty of cover and opportunity. A busy store means your employees are busy helping customers and likely do not have the time to keep an eye on everyone. Similarly, as the owner or manager of a retail store, it is impossible for you to keep an eye on every employee, let alone every one of your customers. Are there fitting rooms in your store? Do your employees keep track of how many items go in the fitting rooms and how many come out? How many check out lanes do you have? Are there any self-check outs and are they properly monitored? The only way to keep track of what happens in your retail store at all times, considering the many opportunities for theft and accidents, is to install a proper security camera system. Footage from your security cameras are an invaluable asset to your security team both in live time and as footage of past events. Here are the two main reasons why security cameras are a must for any retail store.


Retail stores are a shoplifter’s ideal stealing ground. Big, busy, fitted with countless aisles, corners and fitting rooms, they provide countless opportunities to quickly steal and conceal one or several items. Very rarely does an individual steal something on impulse. Veteran shoplifters plan their attack thoroughly: they usually know exactly what they are going to steal and come equipped. Oversized bag, concealed bag previously acquired from purchasing something from your store, oversized clothing and big pockets are often a good sign to be on the lookout for. But do not fool yourself: all shoplifters are not created equal. Most thieves who steal from your shelves are only able to conceal small objects of lesser value. Granted, little things add up, but how about the bigger, more expensive ones that cost you all at once? The more confident shoplifters will walk right into your store empty handed safe for a receipt on an item they have previously purchased. They will walk right to that department, pick up the same exact item and walk to your customer service department asking for a refund. Most stores carry a refund policy and if no one saw these customers walking in empty handed, your customer service representative will most likely not question them as they have a receipt. He or she will give them his or her best smile, apologize for the product not meeting their expectations, hand them in cash what they did not pay for the product they are returning and wish them a good day. With so many people coming in and out of your store, how is anyone expected to keep track of everything that is going on? It is impossible without the help of security cameras and surveillance equipment. Security cameras, installed in key locations (such as the main doors, check out lanes, busiest departments and around areas most likely to be targeted by shoplifters), allow your security team to monitor your retail store for suspect activity. In case of doubt, the security camera footage can be reviewed, such as in the case of customers being refunded for an in-store product. Even if the refund has already been issued, the customers can be identified by the slip they filled out when ‘returning’ the product. With the help of the camera footage, you can go to your local police department and press charges. This would be extremely difficult to do without proof of theft.

Accidents and Insurance Claims

Accidents happen. They are an unfortunate part of life. When accidents happen on your property, not only are they unfortunate for the victim, they can be very costly to you. As the owner of a retail store, your chances of a customer or employee having an accident or injuring themselves on your property are considerably higher than those of the average person. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you ensure your store is safe and secure, and that there is a proper safety training program in place for your employees. This involves ensuring the parking lot and path to the main entrance are free of snow and ice in the winter, that the shelves are stocked and assembled safely, that there is no wet spot on the floor or, if there is, that it is identified properly so people can walk around it. Your employees should be trained in how to operate whatever tools or machinery they operate, they should attend a safety training class at least once a year and proper first aid kits should be available throughout your store. In spite of all of this, as nothing is perfect, accidents will happen in your store. If you have followed and maintained all of the appropriate and required safety measures, this is likely not your fault or your responsibility. A customer may however try to show that it is so that you shoulder the medical bills incurred. This is where security cameras come into play. The footage from the security cameras’ tape will serve to show that you provided a safe environment and that the accident, however unfortunate, was not caused by negligence on your part. In case of a fall, the footage can clearly show that the floor was dry, or that the proper signs were in place, or that there was no ice on the sidewalk. In case of an employee injuring him or herself in the store room for example, the security cameras will capture the exact conditions in which the accident occurred, helping you show to the insurance company, as required, that the employee did not follow safety instructions or handled a tool incorrectly.There are many more scenarios that would illustrate the necessity of installing security cameras in and around your retail store. These two are the most likely and even if they were the only ones, they on their own would warrant installing a professional security camera system in your store. Call us today to learn more, receive expert advice and a quote on your new security camera system.

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