Rugged Cams presents our weatherproof DVR with UV resistance, corrosion proof Fiberglass (FRP) enclosure that is non-conductive, lighter, easier to drill or saw, less expensive than stainless steel, and is just as corrosion proof. Rugged Cams then insulates the enclosure and adds stainless steel hinges, lockable closures, and neoprene gaskets, which gives the user an enclosure that will provide optimum protection in the harshest environments, such as subdivision gates and entries, chemical plants, food processing, refineries, oil well and tank battery sites, water and waste water treatment facilities and even platforms or ships at sea.

The Rugged Vision III weatherproof DVR from Rugged Cams is our 3rd Generation of ruggedized DVR’s for challenging environments, and can be configured to operate at temperatures down to -40° below zero (with optional adhesive heating pad), and up to +140° F. Rugged Cams makes this possible by utilizing our extended temperature series of ruggedized DVR’s, then extending the range even farther by use of the enclosure (especially at lower temps in cold climates).

The end result is a weatherproof indoor/outdoor DVR that is thousands less than using custom made stainless steel enclosures that have fan forced heat and expensive air conditioning systems.

The Rugged Vision Weatherproof DVR can be ordered with the type of technology you need:

  • Super-Wide 960H Analog DVR (4,8 or 16 channels)

  • 1080p HD-SDI DVR’s (4,8 or 16 channels)

  • IP NVR (4,8 or 16 channels)

Each type is totally networkable and accessible on the Internet with complete control and monitoring from Desktops, Cell Phones, iPads or other devices. You can even monitor and control multiple Weatherproof DVR’s that are in different locations, all on one screen. They can even be different types (Analog, HD-SDI, IP).

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