No one can be everywhere at once. Some people seem like they have eyes in the back of their heads, but that is still only two pair of eyes and no one is all seeing. Running a restaurant is no small feat. You need to manage a team of waiters, oversee the manager, keep an eye on customers and know what goes on in your kitchen. With so many people to manage and busy, non-stop customer service action, it is understandable that you can not be aware of everyone’s every move. Besides staff and customers, do you know what else happens out back in your alley? What is going on in the parking lot? Who is in the office when you are in the dining room? You can not be expected to implicitly trust everyone that comes in and out of your restaurant, let alone whoever is prowling outside and whatever they are up to. Installing security cameras inside and outside of your restaurant is the only way for you to keep an eye on everything and take action as needed – or at the very least not have the added stress of not knowing whether or not everyone is doing what they should, and not doing what they should not. Here are only a few reasons why installing security cameras in your restaurant is a must for you to run your business smoothly and successfully.

Your Staff, Customers and the Till

How many employees do you have handling cash, credit cards, debit cards and, more importantly, your cash register? Every single waiter, bar staff and manager are constantly receiving, dispensing and storing money. Yes, you can roughly estimate how much you make in a night based on the number of customers you welcomed into your restaurant, but that is a very basic estimate. You do not know what was ordered, how many bottle of wines were drank, how many drinks purchased. Stealing money in a restaurant is one of the easiest things to do. A thief really does not have to take much on each sale to go home with a sizable amount of stolen money. And if you do notice an imbalance in cash flow and confront them with the money in their pocket, they might simply tell you they made a lot of tips. So how can you know for sure that your employees are not cheating you, or confront them with confidence if they are? By keeping an eye on them with security cameras. Cameras pointed at the cash register will allow you to see the amount of each transaction, so you can compare those numbers with the content of the till at the end of the day. Security Cameras will also allow you to see if your employees are pocketing money or entering a smaller amount in the register, keeping the balance. Security cameras installed in the bar area will also allow you to keep an eye on bartenders to see if they steal alcohol, drink during their shifts or offer free drinks to preferred customers. In addition to allowing you to keep an eye on your employees, security cameras around cash registers and the bar area will allow you to keep an eye on customers, helping you resolve disputes or file charges against destructive customers who might have had one too many drinks.

What Really Goes On in the Kitchen?

Whether or not you are a trained chef, you need to know what is happening in your kitchen. It is ultimately your responsibility as an owner to ensure your customers are being served fresh, well cooked food originating from a clean, well run kitchen. Installing security cameras in your kitchen will help you ensure that your kitchen staff is keeping the kitchen clean and preparing food properly. Cameras will also allow you to see whether or not your staff is stealing food or alcohol, and whether they are taking a break instead of preparing meals. In the event of a complaint from a customer, security camera footage will allow you to go back and see what went wrong, then address the problem. As most kitchens also have a back door, security cameras are a must in knowing who comes in and out of your kitchen. They will allow you to keep an eye on delivery personnel, but also on anyone else who might be lurking by – thieves, disgruntled ex-employees, friends of the staff, or even homeless people looking for a quick bite. Security cameras in your restaurant kitchen can also help in the event of an accident such as a fire or someone injuring themselves while working, as they will provide incontestable proof of negligence on the part of the injured worker, if that is the case. This footage will also come in handy in the case of an insurance dispute.

The Customer is NOT Always Right

In any customer service oriented business, it is usually agreed that the customer is always right. If a patron does not like his or her food, you will re-cook it or offer something else. Common courtesy is not usually an issue in the restaurant business. Customers trying to take advantage of this courtesy however should not be allowed to do so. Installing security cameras in your dining room has many advantages. How many customers eat, then get up and leave unnoticed without paying on a busy night? How often does a customer steal a tip left on a nearby table? One would like to think these things do not happen, but they do. As a restaurant owner, you have a right to protect yourself from customers trying to take advantage of you. Restaurant security cameras are your eyes in the dining room and will help ensure you are not being cheated by cheap or troublesome customers.

There are obviously many more reasons for you to install security cameras in and around your restaurant. Even if your staff is completely trustworthy and your customers agreeable, security cameras are a must as they allow you to see all that goes on and better manage your staff and your business. And at the end of the day, you can review the footage from your security cameras and go to bed knowing that you put your trust in the right hands.

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