Protecting notoriously deadly businesses such as liquor stores, jewelry stores, C-stores, Check Cashing stores, or similar businesses, is of utmost importance. These places are identified as extremely dangerous unless you have taken the needed steps to protect your business. These types of businesses demand pro-active steps towards properly equipping themselves with security cameras.

For instance, many check cashing locations are located in urban communities or neighborhoods. It is here where vehement crime statistics vastly exceed rural or suburban areas. These Check Cashing stores have become convenient not only to customers, but to potential thieves and/or robbers. By installing security cameras in your business, you will provide a highly visible obstacle against larcenists/robbers. Your customers, as well as your staff, are much safer when you provide blatant security camera protection. A robber will think twice before entering your business to commit a crime.

Economy Plays a Big Part in Crime Increase

Check cashing stores are not the only businesses that attract dangerous low-life. Liquor, jewelry, and convenience stores, are also available targets for such criminal activity. As the economy worsens, robberies have been on the rise. According to the FBI, victims of crimes in the U.S., (excluding arson) lost an estimated $15.2 billion in 2009. This year, the crime stats are already exceeding last years’ reports. You do not need to be a crime investigator to understand the perils of criminal activity in your community. Turn on any television or radio, or read your local newspaper. You will find it filled with violent crime, robberies and reports of theft.

Here is a tidbit of disheartening information. Once your c-store, check cashing store, or place of business has successfully been robbed, chances of it happening again are imminent. Repeated violations have been reported throughout the country. Security cameras are potent weapons against potential robbers. By using a surveillance security camera, you can identify criminals who are there to case your store with the intent of committing a future crime. Keep in mind that jewelry stores report a loss of 125 million annually. In addition, they report 10-15 annual homicides.

How Can You Protect Your Employees and Customers?

Security cameras for liquor stores are becoming the number one defense against criminal activity. C-stores and liquor stores are experiencing an increase in what is called “beer or liquor runs.” These are usually committed by teenagers or younger adults. The objective is to walk into the store looking for opportunities to distract the clerk, (this is why they usually work in teams of two or more), and then load up on booze, or grab a six pack and run out of the store. One lady in the Midwest stole $6,000.00 of fine liquor by placing it under her long skirt in a bag. She was only caught because the liquor store security cameras recorded the event, and got a great mug-shot of her as she left the store. Police were able to react quickly, and detain the individual.

Unfortunately, it’s not always product that criminals want. If there is an opportunity to steal cash, they will, allowing nothing to get in their way. These are usually dangerous criminals who have no conscience. They carry guns or knives, and have no apprehension in using them if need be.

If you want to protect your business, you need security cameras. Our professional security camera technicians can help you discover exactly what is needed to protect your employees, customers, and business in general. Call us at Rugged CCTV today and we will design a business security camera system for your business – FREE!

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