Was your business broken into again? Or your home?
How much did they get this time? Cash, artwork, jewelry, stock, vehicles?
Still thinking you can’t afford a fantastic DVR with all the features you need? THINK AGAIN!!!
We have just released our newest, most full featured 16 channel DVR available on the market today. Check out some of these features…
Real Time Video & Audio Recording ALL Channels At the Largest Size Possible!

Recording Resolution up to 704X480 (The Industry calls this D1) – DVD quality @ 30 frames per channel

Full 1920X1080 HD Monitoring – HDMI compatible plus you can run any LCD or plasma screen

RAID1:2/4/6 and RAID5: 3/4/5/6 with 6 HDD bays available

Direct USB Printer Connection for instant snapshot prints

Auto-Email Notification of events to up to 5 addresses

Digital Zoom for Live and Playback
HDD Mirroring Capable on Internal Drives

Direct POS and ATM Text Insertion

All these features and many more like motion based recording, remote access via iphone, droid, and blackberry, plus Built-In DVD & CD Burner Drive, 2-way Audio Communication, Event POPUP in the CMS Software, Smart Search, Multi Time / Multi Day Search, 15 User levels at the DVR & 32 users can access the DVR at once remotely, and the system can perform 6 functions at once (live display, recording, playback, network access, backup, and configuration).
All for less than $1800.
Rugged HD is a one-of-a-kind advanced DVR. However, the closest competitor that we are aware of, is more than 3 times that price.

Call today!

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