960H DVR 300x53 - New Real-Time 960H DVR's To Be Released This Month
Real Time 960H DVR

Rugged Cams is set to release their new 960H “Near HD” DVR’s later this month.  The new DVR’s will be available in 8 channel and 16 channel models, and record in real-time at any size resolution (including 960H).  Most DVR Manufacturers are a long way from releasing any type of DVR that will handle 960H resolution, and the few that have are only recording a few frames per second at that high resolution.

The new 960H DVR’s are a great leap ahead for analog systems, because at 960 horizontal lines of resolution, that is very near HD, which begins at 1000 lines wide.  SONY, in their infinite wisdom has brought a great change to analog, in fact the first major advancement in a number of years.  just when everyone thought that analog was as advanced as technology could push it, along comes SONY with the new standard in analog resolution. “Near HD” is exciting, and the difference is notable.  Wider pictures – by a great margin, and taller as well.  Truly a great leap forward for analog.

Be aware that not every camera that has 700 lines of resolution is a 960H camera.  Ask your supplier which ones are 960H.

Keep an eye out here in the coming days as Rugged Cams prepares to debut the new 960HD line of DVR’s.  All phases of testing are complete and we are now awaiting the delivery of our next generation of motherboards.  As soon as they come in, we will start building the new 960H DVR’s immediately.  We have already received over 200 pre-orders, so we have a bunch to build right off the bat.

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