This new technology, called HD-SDI, makes it possible to stream Full HD 1080p video over your existing coax wiring. This makes it a simple as changing out a few, or all of your cameras to start adding Megapixel Video to your security camera system.

Best of all, it’s as simple as Plug-N-Play. Same wiring, same connections, same power as your current cameras.
Better Than IP Cameras In Many Ways:
In the past, to have a Megapixel camera, you had to have a special NVR (Network Video Recorder), a router, a switch and usually a dedicated network installed as well. The level of knowledge required to do all these networking tasks and setting up IP addresses meant that your only choice was to hire a Professional trained to install IP Networks.

What’s more, IP Cameras are more expensive, usually require the purchase of additional licenses for each camera, and since most people aren’t trained to work on them, you would need an expensive service contract as well.

Not any more! Now anyone, with no special training, can install a HD-Megapixel camera in just minutes. There is no special IP address needed to make it work.
Better Live Monitoring:
Another important distinction between HD-SDI and IP cameras, is that the IP camera compresses the video before it is sent to the Recorder. Not so with our HD-Megapixel cameras! You get clean, uncompressed video straight to your monitor or DVR. That means that you get better, clearer pictures from our HD-Megapixel cameras than most any IP Camera can give you.
Access Live View:
You are welcome to access our Live Demo of our 4 channel HD DVR. We have free down-loadable software, for both PC and Mac Computers. Or, you can access our Demo instantly from your Internet Explorer Browser.
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