Industrial grade security cameras are built for extended heavy and repeated use. They tend to be more rugged and less likely to malfunction after they get banged around a little. There is often a huge and wide gap between the specifications of industrial grade equipment and consumer grade systems. It’s extremely important to pay attention to their IP ratings, are they waterproof, dustproof, weatherproof, or water resistant?


Industrial grade equipment is inclined to have features and options that you can use with various adjustments that are just not present on consumer grade equipment. Industrial grade equipment usually comes with a warranty and can usually be repaired. Rugged Cams equipment carries a 2 and 3 year warranty, depending on the actual product, with free Tech Support for life!


It stands to reason that professional grade equipment is going to cost you more up front but it’s been proven time and time again that in the long run you are going to save a lot of dollars when starting out with business and industrial grade equipment since the lower end equipment will just not last as long as industrial grade and is generally not firmware upgradeable.

When you’re buying an Industrial Grade Security Camera for your business, you’re buying for the future. Over the years, we’ve seen many businesses run into seriously expensive and disruptive technical problems all because they were relying on consumer grade technology. Don’t make the same mistake – don’t skimp on buying quality products.

We offer the highest quality products. Our warranties and unrivaled customer service, and technical support are just a few services that set us apart from the rest. We carry all types of Security Cameras, including Industrial Grade Security Cameras. Our Technical Support is in house, not outsourced as you find with many companies. Our Engineers are in the same building, ready to help answer all of your Security Camera questions.


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