Chances are, if you are reading this, you suspect that your employees are stealing from you, or you have a reasonable suspicion that crime has become a risk factor for your business. Employee theft is the main reason that over 30% of businesses claim bankruptcy annually.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They create more jobs than any other sector, and that includes the government. It is due to the courageous small business owners that develop wealth and stability in our communities. With that being said, these same people are faced with an enormous amount of challenges.

How Do You Remedy Employee Theft?

Imagine going through the process of hiring a new employee, placing want-ads, interviewing and running background checks, only to find out that you have hired someone with sticky fingers. It is said that 75% of all business losses are primarily due to employee theft, and customer theft, known as shoplifting.

Employee theft can easily be remedied. There are a couple of ways in which you can approach the problem. They both involve security cameras. Owners, it is important to place store surveillance cameras in strategic locations throughout your business. Security cameras for stores, in food service businesses, need to be posted by the back door, and the walk-in freezer. Security cameras are also needed in areas where cashiers are working. If you do not want surveillance cameras, you can position hidden cameras in their place. Hidden security cameras can be covertly disguised as clocks, mirrors, radios, and various other objects. What looks like decorative paraphernalia to your employee, becomes a container for a hidden security camera that catches every action within its view. That camera sends images to a computer screen, television, monitoring device, or all of these devices. If you wish to record, you will need a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Rugged CCTV DVR’s record High Resolution video, and are loaded with features to assist you in controlling theft and losses, and are now more economical than ever.

Are Your Employees Stealing Your Time?

Fighting employee theft with security cameras has become a necessity in the workplace. How else can you benefit by having security cameras in and around your business? Employees not only steal your belongings, they steal your time. Unfortunately, more and more employees have become lazy and wasteful on the clock. If you suspect that your employee is cheating the time clock, or has charged you for time that is unaccounted for, you could be the victim of theft. Sometimes, employees have no idea how their waste of time and goofing off is costing you as a business owner. You might not be able to be there to watch their every move, but security cameras can. A business security camera system will allow you to reward those who are sincerely an asset to your company, and enable you to weed out those who are not. Undercover law enforcement agencies have been utilizing them for decades. Not only are they easy to use, they are now economically affordable to anyone.

How Can You Protect Your Business From Employee Theft?

Have you been wondering what is happening to your supplies, or merchandise? Is it affecting your profit? Do you suspect an employee is stealing from you? Have you not been able to catch them in act? Now you can find out what is going on at your business when you are not there. To learn more on how you can fight employee theft in your business, call Rugged CCTV today. When you call, you will receive free advice from their System Design Engineers. Place a business security camera in your store or business property and keep employee or customer crime at bay!

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